Flushing a Toilet Without Water
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8 Easy Tips for Flushing a Toilet Without Water

We all know flushing a toilet can get pretty gross sometimes. After all, our toilets are home to a lot of germs and icky smells. But do you know what else your toilet is gross about? All the funky water flushes back out into your home time and time again.

Luckily, there are a few easy tips for flushing a toilet without water that not only reduce the amount of water you use but also keep your home smelling nice and fresh.

Flushing a Toilet Without Water
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From adding an air freshener to setting a timer to keep the water from flowing, these useful tips will make every toilet in your home feel brand new again. Read on to learn about 8 easy tips for flushing a toilet without water.

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Flushing a Toilet Without Water

Turn off the water

Now this one is so obvious, but it’s still worth mentioning. If you have a water waste setting on your toilet, the first thing you should do when you’re finished flushing is turned the water off. This water waste setting was designed to be used with a toilet that has an attached toilet tank.

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If your toilet is an independent one, you’ll need to shut the water off yourself. This is important for two reasons. The first is that if you forget to turn the water off yourself, someone could come out to visit a toilet you’ve just used. And that seems a little weird, doesn’t it?

The second reason we should turn the water off ourselves is that the water waste setting can be harmful to your plants. When the water’s not being used, if it can’t go back into your toilet, it’ll just fill up the tank and leave a puddle. This will also water your plants, which isn’t great for them.

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Don’t flush something you don’t need

When you’re finished with a meal, are you convinced you have to flush it all away? Of course not. There are a few guidelines that tell us what to do with leftover food in our homes.

One of them is to not flush anything you haven’t eaten. And we feel the same way about toilet paper. You probably shouldn’t be flushing it down the toilet. Instead, put it in the trash or wipe it up with a towel.

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This one is especially important if you have children in your home. Not only are you not making a mess, but you’re also keeping their toys and food out of the toilet.

Replace your old showerhead

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So, you can’t stop thinking about that gross toilet water. And you know what? You’re right. We should probably replace that shower head that’s currently in your toilet. There’s no way it has been cleaned out thoroughly enough to be using our water that often.

And besides, what’s the point of having the shower if you can’t use the toilet afterward? Replacing your shower head will reduce the amount of water you use while still allowing you to get clean.

You’ll also notice that the water coming out of your showerhead will be softer, so you’ll also have a better bath experience.

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Put some vinegar in your toilet tank

If you’re worried about the smell of your toilet water, you can try adding a few drops of vinegar to your toilet tank.

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Vinegar is a natural disinfectant that will help reduce the smell of your toilet water. Make sure not to fill your toilet tank too high, though. You don’t want to add too much vinegar by accident.

If your toilet water is really stinking up your house, you can also try flushing a few drops of Lysol toilet bowl cleaner down your toilet.

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Add an air freshener

If you’ve tried all of the vinegar and Lysol in your toilet water and the smell just isn’t going away, you can try adding an air freshener to your toilet tank. Not only will the smell be eliminated, but the scent will also fill your bathroom. And that’s always nice, right?

Try Fabric Softener or Detergents
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There are a lot of different air fresheners out there, so you can find one that isn’t as overwhelming as others. And if you have a smaller tank on your toilet, you can also try putting one in your medicine cabinet.

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Set a timer to turn the water off

The smell of your toilet water isn’t only from the smell of your toilet itself. There are a lot of other things that can contribute to stinky toilet water, like your shower head and the water pressure in your house.

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If one of your problems is that the water pressure in your home is low and it’s causing water to be used up quickly, setting a timer will help with this. You can set a timer for the toilet to shut off after a certain amount of time, like 30 seconds or a minute. This will help to stop the water from being used up so quickly.

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Put towels on your water pipe

If you’ve tried all of the above but the smell of your toilet water just won’t go away, you can try adding a few towels to your water pipe.

Keeping your toilet pipe as clean as possible will help to reduce the amount of water used in that toilet. If you’re worried about how dirty the towels are going to get, you can try cleaning them with bleach water.

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Before using them again, make sure to bleach water your towels. You can also try putting one of those air sponges in your toilet tank.

Air sponges are porous, so they hold a lot of water. They can reduce the amount of water you use in your toilet and also help to keep it smelling fresh.

We’ve come to the end of our guide to flushing a toilet without water. We hope you found some useful information in this article. If not, don’t worry. We’re here to help you out even more with our FREE guides that are full of even more information. Get them all at getting The Most Out Of Your Toilet Now.

Flushing a Toilet Without Water
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