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4 Best Bathroom Exhaust Fan With Humidity Sensor

A bathroom exhaust fan with humidity sensor. It is basically a fan that automatically turns on once it senses enough moisture in the room.

Benefits to you: Why should you buy an exhaust fan with a humidity sensor? There are many reasons that you should.

Humidity is made when water vapor in the air comes in contact with cool surfaces like windows and walls. This makes your home hotter and decreases energy efficiency (makes it cost more to heat/cool your house).

All four products are good but this is ‘Delta Electronics (Americas) Ltd. BreezSlim Bathroom Fan with Humidity Sensor‘ the best based on user review.

Best Bathroom Exhaust Fan With Humidity Sensor

The moisture also builds upon mirrors, which you cannot see unless you look for them because they are not shiny or reflective, but this is the time you should know that you are breathing in very high amounts of humidity.

You do not want to breathe in that much humidity. Why? Because it can cause health problems like lung diseases, infections, and breathing issues.

What’s wrong with having a fan? The fan helps get rid of moisture by pulling air out of the bathroom which decreases humidity and lowers the risk of health issues.

But, what if you forget to turn off the fan after you are done showering?

This is where this product comes into play:

As long as it senses moisture in the room (after you use the bathroom), then that means there is a high level of humidity in the room. Once it senses this, then the fan will automatically turn on so you do not have to worry about forgetting to turn it back on when you are done taking a shower or bath.

Best 4 Bathroom Exhaust Fan With Humidity Sensor We Suggest

Delta BreezGreenBuilder GBR80H 80 CFM Exhaust Bath Fan with...
Quiet operation at 0.8 sones; An indicator light underneath the grille assures you that this quiet fan is running
−$117.29 $64.71
Panasonic FV-1115VKL2 WhisperGreen Select Ventilation Fan with...
Pick-A-Flow Speed Selector: Allows you to pick desired airflow from 110, 130, 150 CFM; Energy Star Rated: Delivers powerful airflow without wasting energy
BROAN NuTone SPK80L Bluetooth Speaker Bathroom Ventilation LED...
THREE YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY: Backed by a three year limited warranty for your convenience

Bathroom fans with humidity sensors can be programmed to remove moisture from your bathroom and keep it ventilated. They are a great option for homes with forgetful occupants.

The sheer number of choices available can make it difficult to choose the right bathroom fan with a humidity sensor.

Delta Electronics (Americas) Ltd. BreezSlim Bathroom Fan with Humidity Sensor

Delta Electronics (Americas), Ltd. has a solid reputation for producing the best solutions in their segment. The BreezSlim is another great addition to the company’s huge product line.

The BreezSlim humidity sensing bathroom fans can be ordered in five different models. These range from 50 CFM up to 100 CFM, so you can find the perfect fit for your space.

Delta BreezSlim SLM70H 13.1W Exhaust Bath Fan with Humidity...
  • Energy Star qualified with innovative brushless DC motor technology
  • In humidity sensing mode, the Fan will start when humidity is above 60%, and will stop when...
  • UL approved for Ceiling or wall mount installation, the only 7.5 inch x 7.25 inch small size...
  • Compact housing for easy retrofit and replacement of older bath fans, quiet operation at 2.0...
  • Energy efficiency rating approximately 5.8 CFM/watt, blue and Amber LED indicator light to show...

The 70 CFM BreezSlim fan has an Energy Star qualification and is powered with an innovative brushless DC motor. This makes it extremely energy-efficient and extends its life expectancy. It is UL-approved for ceiling and wall mounting installation. The fan measures 7.5 inches x 7.5 inches.

BreezSlim’s bathroom fan with a humidity sensor features compact housing that allows for easy retrofitting and replacement of existing bathroom fans. BreezSlim’s bathroom fan with humidity sensor is quiet at only 2.0 sones. This allows you to relax in your bathroom and not be disturbed.

It has an Energy Efficient rating (5.5 CFM/watt), which means it won’t cause an increase in your electricity bills, even if it is used for extended periods. The fan is equipped with a high-quality humidity sensor that activates when humidity reaches 60 percent. It stops automatically when it drops below 60 percent.

The BreezSlim humidity bathroom fans weigh in at only 5 lbs. They are fitted with amber and blue LED lights that indicate when the fan has been turned on and the speed settings. The fan is equipped with plastic backdraft doors that shut off the exhaust vent, preventing outdoor air from entering the fan.

You can paint the grill of the BreezSlim bathroom fans with humidity sensors to match your decor. The three-year warranty against manufacturer defects ensures that it will last for many years.

  • There are many options.
  • 2.0 sones quiet operation.
  • 8 CFM/watt efficiency.
  • Amber and blue LED lights.
  • Manufacturer warranty for 3 years.
  • Only 1 Colour.
Delta BreezSlim SLM70H 13.1W Exhaust Bath Fan with Humidity...
Energy Star qualified with innovative brushless DC motor technology; Blue and Amber LED indicator light to show humidity sensor and full speed modes

Panasonic FV-0511VQCL1 WhisperSense Bathroom Fan with Humidity Sensor

The #2 spot on our list of the best bathroom fans with humidity sensors is held by the WhisperSense bathroom fan, a Panasonic model. Panasonic is an internationally renowned electronics company that doesn’t need to be introduced.

Panasonic’s WhisperSense bathroom exhaust fan is quiet at 0.3 ones. This makes it one of the most silent models in its class. It provides outstanding performance in indoor air quality improvement and eliminates humidity, mold, mildew, and other pollutants from the area where it is installed.

Panasonic FV-0511VQCL1 WhisperSense DC Ventilation Fan with...
  • Installation: Features a 4 or 6-inch duct adaptor ideal for renovations, assisted living and...
  • Precision Spot Ventilation: Quiet and powerful ventilation while removing moisture and...
  • Dual Sensor Technology: Provides built-in redundancy for automatic moisture and odor control
  • Flexible Installation: Comes with Flex-Z Fast bracket for easy, fast and trouble-free...
  • Energy Star Rated: Delivers powerful airflow without wasting energy

The Panasonic WhisperSense bathroom fan is a great choice for energy efficiency. It uses less energy and removes large amounts of air. The exhaust fan’s lifespan is also improved by using less air.

WhisperSense fans can be installed with either 4″ or 6″ ducts. This allows you to have great control over duct design and layout. The Flex-Z Fast bracket’s box makes it easy to place the fan exactly where you want it.

WhisperSense fans are equipped with intelligent and adjustable humidity and motion sensors that can be programmed to shut down the fan automatically for greater energy efficiency. The WhisperSense fan has been awarded ENERGY STAR 2018, which is the highest energy-efficient fan in its category.

It is also compliant with RAE62.2, LEED, and CALGreen, California Title 24, and Washington VIAQ codes. The WhisperSense can be installed in your bathroom. It is also great for basements, laundry rooms, basements, and garages. The WhisperSense comes with a Pick-A-Flow speed selection, which allows you to adjust the speed from 50 CFM to 80 CFM to 100 CFM.

SmartFlow technology and a speed selector make it easy to set the fan at your desired speed. The ECM motor is a top-of-the-line motor that produces a high CFM output. This motor is combined with SmartFlow technology.

The WhisperSense fan features an elegant grille design and comes with a six-year warranty for the motor and five years on the LED against manufacturer defects.

  • Selectable speed.
  • Light functionality.
  • Award for Energy Star 2018.
  • Sensors for humidity and moisture that can be adjusted.
  • SmartFlow Technology and ECM motor.
  • 6-year warranty for motor and 5-year warranty for LED light.
  • Package does not include lightbulb
Panasonic FV-0511VQCL1 WhisperSense DC Ventilation Fan with...
Energy Star Rated: Delivers powerful airflow without wasting energy

KAZE APPLIANCE SEP120H Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Humidity Sensor

KAZE APPLIANCE manufactures a variety of bathroom exhaust fans. Each fan is backed by top-of-the-line technology and has innovative features. The SEP120H bathroom fan has an upgraded version and a 110 CFM airflow. This makes it an excellent choice for bathrooms up to 120 square feet.

The SEP120H humidity sensing bathroom fan provides powerful ventilation but operates at a whisper-quiet 0.3 sones. This is possibly the quietest in its class. The ceiling-mounted bathroom exhaust fan meets Energy Star standards and is ETL CETL, HVI certified.

The SEP120H bathroom fan has a high-quality humidity sensor that turns it off and on when the humidity level is at the desired level. The humidity sensor will activate in two situations:

  • First, when humidity levels rise moderately to rapidly.
  • And then when they reach the pre-set level.

The SEP120H exhaust fan has a humidity sensor and a delay timer. It can be set to run for between five and thirty minutes. This allows the fans to continue running for a set amount of time after the humidity sensor has shut off.

You can adjust the timer and humidity levels by turning the switches inside the housing. The housing is made of 26 GA galvanized metal and has a paint finish to prevent rust.

The SEP120H bathroom fan has high-quality components that ensure long life. It also features permanently lubricated motors to ensure trouble-free, continuous operation. The product comes with adjustable mounting brackets that can be adjusted to fit any size and is covered by a 3-year manufacturer warranty.

  • 110 CFM air flow power.
  • Spaces up to 110 square feet.
  • Humidity sensor with timer.
  • Housing made of 26 GA galvanized iron.
  • Manufacturer warranty for 3 years.
  • Lacks light functionality.

Broan-Nutone QTXE110S Humidity Sensing Ventilation Fan

Broan-Nutone was founded in 1932 and is based in Wisconsin, USA. It manufactures hoods, exhaust ventilation fans for baths, central vacuum systems, and doorbells as well as balanced ventilation/fresh air systems. The QTXE110S, one of the most popular models, has 110 CFM ventilation power. This makes it an ideal fit for spaces up to 105 square feet.

This versatile exhaust fan is Energy Star certified, HIV-certified, and UL listed. It is designed to remove tobacco smoke, cooking odors, and humidity from the spaces it is installed. The QTXE110S bathroom fan is quiet at 0.7 ohms, which makes it an excellent choice for any other space in your home, including laundry rooms.

Broan-Nutone QTXE110S Ultra-Silent Humidity-Sensing Ventilation...
  • VERSATILE FAN: Ventilation fan helps eliminate , tobacco smoke, and cooking odors in a...
  • EFFICIENT: Operates at 110 CFM and 0.7 Sones and is motor engineered for continuous operation...
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Includes 6" ducting for high-quality performance and hanger bars to provide...
  • SENSOR: Automatically powers on once it detects a rise in and features an auto on/off switch...
  • SAFE: This ENERGY STAR* qualified fan is HIV certified and UL listed for use over bathtub or...

Easy to install, it comes with 6” ducting and hanger bars that allow for easy installation in 2″x8″ construction areas. Sensaire technology makes it possible to eliminate humidity with the QTXE110S exhaust fans. The fan turns on automatically when there is a rapid increase in humidity or steam.

The QTXE110S bathroom fan has a humidity sensor and auto-shutoff. This allows the fan to be turned off at a pre-set time, between 5-60 minutes. The fan is powered by a permanently lubricated motor that can be used continuously. It also features a dynamically balanced centrifugal blade wheel that delivers quiet and efficient performance.

Broan-Nutone QTXE110S Ultra-Silent Humidity-Sensing Ventilation Fan, Exhaust Fan for Bathroom and Home, ENERGY STAR Certified, 0.7 Sones, 110 CFM , White , 6" Round

Broan-Nutone QTXE110S humidity sensor bathroom fan has a tough housing made of galvanized steel. It comes with a polymeric connector with tapered sleeves and no metallic clatter. The fan can be mounted securely with four-point mounting to joists and comes with a spacer that allows you to mount to “I”, joists.

  • 110 CFM up to 105 sq. feet.
  • Energy Star certified, HIV-certified, and UL listed.
  • 7 sones noise level.
  • Includes a 6′ ducting and a patented spacer for mounting to “I” joints.
  • Warranty information not available.

Delta BreezSignature VFB25AEH Exhaust Fan with Humidity Sensor

Another model from Delta BreezSignature, the VFB25AEH exhaust fan, is ranked #5 on our list of the best bathroom fans with humidity sensors. Although it is lightweight at just 9 lbs, the VFB25AEH exhaust fan has a lot to offer. It features a powerful DC brushless motor that provides reliability and long-lasting performance.

Delta Electronics (Americas) Ltd. VFB25AEH BreezSignature...
  • Noise level of 2.0 sones
  • Precision engineered with DC brushless motor for extended reliability
  • Easily switch in and out of humidity sensing mode by toggling wall switch
  • ENERGY STAR qualified for efficient cost-saving operation
  • Precision engineered with DC brushless motor for extended reliability, this fan will outlast...

The Energy Star-qualified bathroom fan with a humidity sensor is quiet at only 2.0 sones. It also has an LED indicator hidden within the grille that shows smooth operation. This fan has a 130 CFM airflow rate, which makes it ideal for small- to medium-sized bathrooms and other spaces.

Delta Electronics (Americas) Ltd. VFB25AEH BreezSignature Humidity Sensor Fan, 130 CFM, White

The VFB25AEH humidity sensing bathroom fans are fitted with a humidity sensor. This can be activated simply by turning the wall switch. It’s extremely efficient at 6.7 CFM/watt and comes with a 3-year warranty against manufacturer defects.

  • DC brushless motor.
  • Energy Star qualified.
  • 130 CFM.
  • LED indicator.
  • Humidity sensor.
  • 3-year warranty.
  • Does not come with timer.
Delta Electronics (Americas) Ltd. VFB25AEH BreezSignature...
Noise level of 2.0 sones; Precision engineered with DC brushless motor for extended reliability
−$85.01 $122.99

Benefits Of Installing A Humidity Sensor Exhaust Fan

There are many benefits to a humidity sensor exhaust fan. Let me tell you about all the benefits that you’ll get before you decide to purchase one.

Protect your bathroom from damage

It protects your bathroom. Bathrooms can be damaged by excessive moisture.

A humidity sensor exhaust fan removes excess moisture and humidity, creating the ideal environment for your bathroom.

Saves damage repair costs

It can be costly to fix humidity problems in bathrooms. A humidity sensor bath fan can help prevent damage.

This means that you won’t need to spend money on repairs. The fan’s sensor ensures that the humidity levels are safe.

Prevents the growth and spread of mildew and mold

Prevents the growth and spread of mildew and mold

You can prevent mold growth in your bathroom by installing a bath fan with humidity sensors.

You already know that molds thrive in moist conditions, so a bathroom is a perfect place to grow them.

A humidity-sensing bath fan will keep your bathroom safe from mildew and mold growth.

Automatic shutoff feature

A bathroom exhaust fan equipped with a humidity sensor has another advantage: it will automatically turn off when humidity levels drop below a set level.

This feature prevents accidents from happening if a fan is left on for too long.

If a fan is left on for too long, it can heat up and cause a fire. This problem is solved by the humidity sensor on this bath fan.

The fan is activated by the sensor according to the set limit and the prevailing humidity levels.

No need to perform manual operations

It is easy to use a bath fan that has a humidity sensor. The humidity sensor can automatically turn it on or off when it senses the level of humidity.

Humidity Sensing Bathroom Fan Switch

It is crucial to maintain the correct humidity level in your bathroom. A humidity-sensing bathroom fan can be a great option if you have high humidity levels.

Mold and mildew can grow in high humidity levels, which could pose a health risk. It can also cause damage to the bathroom’s walls and aesthetics.

Humidity Sensing Bathroom Fan Switch

A bathroom exhaust fan is a great option in this situation. However, it can increase your electric bill if you use it constantly. What should you do?

This problem can be solved by a humidity-sensing bathroom fan.

Bathroom humidity sensor switches come with an integrated sensor. It measures the moisture level in the air and can be detected.

These switches are made for home use.

The sensor switch features a sensitive microprocessor that can sense humidity and a humidity sensing technology. It can continuously measure humidity.

It switches on the bath fan automatically when it senses humid air. A humidity sensor can be either built into the fan itself or installed in your wall switch.

Can a bathroom fan and light be on the same switch?

You may find it necessary to wire both a light and a bathroom fan on one switch. This isn’t a bad idea, and I will explain why.

You must turn on the lights whenever you use the bathroom. The exhaust fan can be used to reduce moisture levels and prevent mold and mildew growth in your bathroom.

Hot water condensation can decrease the life expectancy for light bulbs and light fixtures.

The humidity sensor will prevent water from condensing by turning on the bathroom exhaust fan. Instead, the fan will draw out the vapor.

It can be advantageous to have the fan and lights on the same switch. This can solve your problems and give you beautiful bathroom space.

How to wire bathroom fan with humidity sensor?

Many people want to know how humidity sensors work in bathroom fans. Let’s get into it in this section.

A bath fan equipped with a humidity sensor usually has six wires. These include 2 black, 2 white, and 1 brown. The brown wire is used for speed control or humidity sensors.

You can switch the fan and humidity sensor independently for a variety of operating modes.

The humidity sensor can be turned on to control the fan’s speed, but the fan itself will override that setting by turning it on.

The fan and humidity control can also be controlled separately. Wall control with 1- or 2-functions should be used. Avoid using a dimming switch for humidity control.

The brown wire can be connected to a switch. You can also connect the brown wire directly to the hot conductor for the full functionality of the humidity sensor.

When you turn on the fan, make sure both the brown and black wires are connected to a power source. It should now be easy to wire a bathroom fan with a humidity sensor.

If you want to learn how to wire a humidistat to your fan, connect a permanent neutral, live, and earth.

You should make sure the switched feed is connected with a separate pull switch located above the WC. This will allow you to turn on the fan separately.

Choosing The Right CFM Exhaust Fan Size

Bathroom exhaust fans are rated according to the amount of air they can move, in case you didn’t know.

CFM is a measure of cubic feet per minute. This is an important factor to consider when purchasing a CFM exhaust fan in your bathroom.


Bathrooms with 100 square feet or less are compatible with standard exhaust fans. At least 1 CFM is required per square foot. Multiply the length by the width to determine how many square feet your bathroom covers.

Let’s take, for example, a bathroom that measures 7 feet by 8 feet in width and length. 56 square feet equals 56. You will need a fan that has at least 54 CFM. There are many other factors that can also be important.

It is always a good idea for the bathroom vent fan to be slightly larger than it actually is. For example, a 56-square-foot fan might be better than a 60 CFM fan to achieve better results. You might also need to consider whether you have separate rooms or a tub with a jetted bathtub in your bathroom.

CFM fans must be at least 50 CFM. If your bathroom measures only 42 sq. feet, then you’ll need a 50 CFM exhaust fan.

Bathroom Dehumidifier VS Exhaust Fan

Are you finding your bathroom’s air too dry? Are you experiencing excess moisture in the bathroom? You have two options if you do. A dehumidifier and an exhaust fan. How do you decide which one is best?

To make it easier for you, I have created a quick comparison between the bathroom dehumidifier and the exhaust fan.

  • The dehumidifier can be a practical option because it reduces humidity levels. It removes moisture from the air and then releases it as dry, fresh air. A bathroom dehumidifier is also more durable.
  • An exhaust fan circulates air through the bathroom, improving ventilation. It does not maintain humidity levels. The main difference is in the operation. Each appliance uses a different mechanism.
Bathroom Dehumidifier VS Exhaust Fan

Many people want to know if a bathroom dehumidifier is possible to replace the exhaust fan. The short answer to your question is yes. If the exhaust fan does not provide enough humidity control, you can replace it with a humidifier.

These are some appliances you can use in your bathroom to lower humidity levels:

It should be easy to choose which bathroom dehumidifier to buy after this comparison of the exhaust fan.

A dehumidifier is a great choice if you have constant moisture in your bathroom. An exhaust fan is a better choice if humidity is only sporadic.

Bathroom Fan with Humidity Sensor Buying Guide

There are many factors to consider when choosing a bathroom fan equipped with a humidity sensor.


This refers to the airflow rate of the exhaust fan. It can be used to help determine the size of your bathroom.

Humidity sensors

This range includes bathroom exhaust fans that are fitted with a humidity sensing device. This sensor is used to measure humidity levels in the room and then automatically starts or stops the fan. Most humidity sensors have the temperatures set up to turn on or off the fan. But, you can program the humidity settings by using a switch.

The timer

Lets the fan run for an additional time after the humidity sensor is turned off. This ensures your bathroom is properly ventilated to prevent moisture and mold growth.

Noise levels 

It is important to take this into consideration when choosing the best bathroom fan with a humidity sensor. After all, you don’t want the sound of an AC conditioner in your shower. It is measured in sones. The lower the number, you will hear less from the bathroom fan.


A warranty against manufacturing defects guarantees that your bathroom fan will work for years. Buy from a well-respected brand, or read bathroom fan reviews before purchasing.

Energy Use:

Energy use refers to the amount of energy used by a bathroom exhaust system fan. Energy Star certification will ensure that your monthly energy bills are not increased.


This indicates that the fan can be both efficient and powerful. Installing a humidity sensing bathroom ceiling fan can help you to save money on your energy bills. They don’t use much energy and are great for bathrooms.

CFM stands for Cubic Feet of Air per Minute. It is used to measure bathroom fan efficiency. It measures the total volume in cubic feet of air for every minute it moves.

A bathroom fan’s speed is an indication of how much air it can move per minute. This determines the efficiency of your bathroom fan. You will need a fan with a higher CFM for a larger bath and vice versa.

810to3lu0yL. AC SX425

Sensor adjustments

A bathroom exhaust fan that has a humidity sensor works better when there is more humidity. It not only saves energy but also improves bathroom exhaust fan efficiency.

A sensor monitors humidity levels in your bathroom and activates the fan if it exceeds a specified level. It will shut off if there is too much moisture.

Look for a model which allows you to adjust your sensors. This will allow setting the desired moisture level at which your fan should turn on.

Bathroom Size

The size of your bathroom will dictate the size of the bathroom exhaust fan you choose. This is straightforward logic.

A larger bathroom will mean a larger bath fan. The fan should be large and powerful enough that it covers the bathroom’s entire surface. It is therefore important to decide the bathroom size.

91zOJzBhazL. AC SX425

Fan size:

Also, be sure to think about the size of the fan. You don’t want to buy anything that is too small or too big. The best thing is to get a fan that fits in your bathroom.

Bath fans with smaller CFMs have lower performance, while larger fans have higher CFMs. Selecting the right size fan is important for your bathroom.

It should be able to allow proper ventilation to your shower.

Bathroom Exhaust Fan With Humidity Sensor FAQ’s

How does a bathroom fan with a humidity sensor save electricity?

The humidity sensor on the bathroom fan allows for the fan to run automatically.

Can humidity-sensing bathroom fans get rid of moisture?

Fans equipped with humidity sensors can be used in conjunction to remove moisture and humidity.

Can humidity sensing bathroom fans be used in other areas of my home?

Yes, these fans work in humid areas as well as basements and laundry spaces.

How do humidity sensing bathroom fans work?

Bathroom exhaust fans are equipped with humidity sensors to trap excess moisture in the air and help prevent damage to ceilings or walls.

It will also stop mold and mildew from growing in your bathroom. Humidity sensing fans can be equipped with sensors that turn on the fan automatically when humidity levels rise and off after a predetermined period.

Is it bad to oversize a bathroom exhaust fan?

CFM (cubic feet per minute) is the unit of measurement for bathroom exhaust fans. This measures how much air a fan moves per minute.

It’s always a good idea not to exceed the fan’s capacity. A 60 CFM fan will work well in a 54-square foot bathroom.

Does a bathroom fan help with smell?

A bathroom exhaust fan serves one purpose: to remove excess moisture. They can also control and eliminate unpleasant odors in the bathroom.
They reduce health hazards by reducing fumes from cleaning products.

How long should you run the bathroom fan after a shower?

According to HVI (Home Ventilation Institute), you should run an exhaust fan in the bathroom for at least 20 mins after using the shower. This will ensure proper ventilation.

What humidity should my bathroom fan be set at?

You shouldn’t set the humidistat at 60% unless your bathroom is very humid.

What does humidistat mean?

A humidistat describes a machine or device that automatically regulates the humidity inside a room, bathroom, or structure.


You can create a perfect environment in your bathroom by installing the best Bathroom Exhaust Fan With Humidity Sensor.

It will remove excess humidity from your bathroom and protect it against mold growth.

These fans can be automatically turned on and off, which is the best part. The fan activates when moisture is detected. It turns off when humidity is maintained.

sHfrE0m7 400x400

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