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The 8 Best Portable Bidets For Hygiene Travel Experience

The portable bidet is a simple solution to a complex problem: travel abroad and the care of intimate hygiene. Often this health care is missing outside the city even if the data show growing interest also beyond the Alps. To avoid being left without and suffering the hassle of rough hygiene, the portable version is a good solution. 

In this article, we suggest where to find accessories that are not very common, inevitably, in our country but which can be really useful in some cases. You will have the opportunity to understand what are the main features of these tools and how to choose the most suitable according to your real needs. 

In particular, we suggest you pay attention to the first models that lead this ranking. For instance, HappyPo Easy Bidet is a convenient solution to pack because it is no bigger than an electric toothbrush and is very effective. Brondell GoSpa Travel Bidet GS-70 that can be attached to the toilet is larger and more structured and can be used in different contexts, filled with water.

8 Best Portable Bidets For Hygiene

It is not easy to find the best portable bidet in real shops, because it is an item that is not in demand and is aimed at a specific niche of buyers. Here, however, you will find a careful selection of the best products.

1. HappyPo Easy Bidet Intimate hygiene after the toilet

This model, designed to be put in a suitcase or bag for use outside the home, makes a good impression among the best portable bidets of 2022. It is in fact a bottle that releases the jet of water under pressure, also exploiting the verticality. The jet is directed towards the private parts to clean up with greater care and effectiveness instead of using toilet paper.

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It is also a good ecological alternative to reduce its environmental impact. After use, just wipe off the water that you used to remove the remains of feces or urine. The jet is decisive but not aggressive. Just press the dispenser and the water flows from the holes to go with the right pressure towards the genitals. It can also be used for the intimate hygiene of the little ones in order to simplify the change and limit the use of unified wipes.

It is a simple and practical alternative when you are often out and about to come home to freshen up. Ideal for those who do not know which portable bidet to buy, but are also not looking for a device that is too bulky.

Best Portable Bidets For Hygiene


  • Compact and handy: A tool that promises to become the new “never again without” the reason is the extreme practicality with which it fits in a suitcase or even in a bag and can be used if necessary.
  • It does not get dirty: Maintenance is very simple because the device does not come into contact with the private parts, so after use, it should not be sterilized but just dry it well and place it in the practical bag.
  • For various uses: Not only when traveling, this accessory is useful for post-partum therapy and helping to heal stitches after episiotomy, or for better hygiene during the menstrual cycle.

2. Brondell GoSpa Travel Bidet GS-70 

When considering how to choose a good portable bidet, it is important to consider who will be the recipient of this object. In this case, it is possible to use it by elderly or handicapped people who do not have the comfort of this sanitary facility at home.

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To secure it on the toilet, simply lift the tablet and place it. It may happen that it is not perfectly compatible with the circumference of the toilet and for this reason, it may be necessary to pay attention to the measures by comparing them with the useful ones.

The presence of the stopper is a significant advantage over other bowl models that go directly over the toilet. In this way, it is easy to empty it without risking spilling water on the ground. In addition to the annoyance of having to clean everything, the water on the floor is not safe, especially for those with mobility problems and not completely autonomous.

It is made of plastic, so it is light and can be easily removed when not needed. After use, just hang it on the wall so that it dries completely and does not create clutter, an important detail, especially where the bathroom is very small.

81NT3TEzpIL. AC SX425


  • It rests and works like a bidet: The operation is rudimentary, just place it on the toilet and here fill it with water for better intimate hygiene.
  • With cap: This apparently trivial detail is not so obvious, in fact, it is not always present in other similar models and represents a great advantage for emptying the tank without accidents.
  • Rigid plastic: The material chosen for its construction is solid and sturdy and therefore allows it to bear even a considerable load well.

3. Soothic Sitz Bath for Hemorrhoids – Sitz Bath for Toilet Seat

Among the offers that deserve to be considered in view of purchase, there is also this economical and simple to use model. Its shape is designed to adapt to almost all the circumferences of the toilets. In fact, it rests without getting stuck, and in this way, it adheres well even when the shape of the toilet is not exactly regular.

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Also good is the possibility of counting on a soap dish that is printed together with the tub and therefore is part of the structure. The plastic with which it is made is solid and performing. Therefore, in addition to ensuring the necessary stability, it guarantees the possibility of being sterilized even at high temperatures. 

It can be treated with disinfectant products or with steam to ensure perfect hygiene after use. It complies with the quality standards in force on medical devices, and for this reason, it ensures the best compatibility with use in particular contexts such as those in the Community.

Soothic Sitz Bath for Hemorrhoids - Sitz Bath for Toilet Seat
Soothic Sitz Bath for Hemorrhoids – Sitz Bath for Toilet Seat


  • Light but solid: The plastic used to make this bidet meets the most stringent criteria of quality and resistance, in fact, it can be sterilized at temperatures of 135 ° or with specific disinfectant products.
  • Universal: Its shape is designed to ensure the maximum possible compatibility with standard-shaped sanitary fixtures because it rests and does not hook onto the edge of the toilet.
  • With soap dish: This accessory is incorporated directly into the bidet because it is printed together with the tray.

4. MitButy Bagno Sitz Sitz bath tub for various treatments

In comparison with other solutions seen in this ranking, this model is more suitable to be used in a specific way. In fact, it is designed to perform heat therapy in case of suffering from hemorrhoids or for recovery after childbirth. You can pour in hot water and dissolve the salts which help to stretch the skin and stimulate local circulation. A simple way to ensure the necessary relief in case of pain in the private parts.

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It may not be the most suitable for intimate hygiene care because the shape is tight and leaves no room to clean up like a regular bidet. Even if the cap is missing, as often happens in the models sold online, it is not difficult to empty the tray. 

In fact, there are small holes from which the water can flow smoothly and without risking that the water ends up on the ground. After use, it is easy to store. Just use the small hole that allows you to hang it on the wall with a simple hook.

Sitz Bath Toilet Seat, Foldable Sitz Bath Tub for Postpartum Care
Sitz Bath Toilet Seat, Foldable Sitz Bath Tub for Postpartum Care


  • Specific for the sitz bath: Its optimal use is to give relief in case of inflammation in the intimate areas, in fact, it is perfect for using the steam to soften the skin and promote local circulation.
  • With holes for the overflow: Three holes in the upper part are designed to facilitate the emptying of the tub after use.
  • Easy to store: The compact size and its lightweight make it easy to find a place after use, but the presence of the hole on the edge also allows you to hang it on the wall with a hook.

5. YumSur Portable Travel Bidet

Among the best-selling models, we also find this convenient bottle model to be used even when camping. Even here it cannot be said that it is easy to find where to buy this item in physical stores. In fact, it is an article intended for a niche of buyers that responds to very specific needs.

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The operation is very intuitive and the low price makes it even more attractive to buyers. It represents an effective alternative to wet wipes to ensure freshness and impeccable intimate hygiene even outside the home.

The capacity of the bottle is considerable, 450 ml. Just press lightly on the knurled part to facilitate the flow of water that is directed easily and gently towards the intimate areas. Extra convenience is given by the presence of the handbag since it is easy to carry the small portable bidet with you in this way.

The wide mouth makes it easy to fill the bottle wherever you need it without complications. Just as it is easy to manage the nozzle that is inserted directly into the bottle after use, in this way there is no need to worry about its perfect hygiene.

YumSur Portable Bidet, Personal Bidet Sprayer for Personal Hygiene Handheld
YumSur Portable Bidet, Personal Bidet Sprayer for Personal Hygiene Handheld


  • Bottle: This type of portable bidet represents a universal solution to be used in any context, even in the middle of nature, as long as you have water available to use for washing.
  • Flexible EVA: The plastic used is elastic and just exerts a slight pressure to let the short jet of water come out at the optimal pressure.
  • Easy to store: The nozzle from which the water is sprayed is preserved by entering directly into the bottle, which, in turn, enters the bag included in the delivery.

6. Wellys Portable bidet in ABS with soap dish

This model is offered at low prices and with a rather essential shape. It is light and, despite being without a cap, it is not difficult to empty thanks to the presence of the recess from which the water can slide off after use.

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It is designed to be placed directly on the toilet seat. So you don’t need to lift it and you can also count on the thickness of this element to lift the seat. For an elderly person or person who has mobility problems, even a few more inches can make a difference compared to the work of the knees.

The dimensions are compatible with most of the sanitary ware currently in use. Therefore it is not difficult to make it adhere to the support and ensure the necessary stability. It is made of polypropylene, a resistant polymer and often used for the creation of objects designed to withstand the considerable weight. So it is safe and can be used to complete a bathroom without a bidet even when it is intended for an elderly or disabled person.

Sitz Bath for Toilet Seat - Postpartum Care
Sitz Bath for Toilet Seat – Postpartum Care


  • It can be placed on the tablet: In this way, it is possible to count on a slightly higher height of the support base and make its use more comfortable for those with fragile knees.
  • Lightweight and portable: The simple solution to the problem of the absence of the bidet outside national borders.
  • Versatile tub: It can also be used to create a foot bath by placing the tub directly on the ground and not just by inserting it into the toilet.

7. Butt Buddy Go – Portable Handheld Bidet

This model that imitates the most common ceramic model also appears to be the cheapest to use to complete a bathroom without this accessory. Although it is designed to be placed directly on the ground like a bidet, without installing the water system, it can also be used inside the shower compartment for simplified use.

Aquabean Black Plastic Lota - Portable Bidet
  • Food Grade Plastic
  • Plastic Bean (empty) approx. 4.6oz Plastic Bean (full) approx. 3lb 8oz
  • Dimensions approx. Height: 8″ Wide: 8 1/2

In fact, the water drain is missing and, once again, to empty it is necessary to securely grab the tank and empty it near a drain. The dimensions are quite close to the standard of ceramic sanitary ware, with a total load capacity of 120 kilos. Those who use it regularly, however, do not recommend exaggerating the load because it could appear unstable as a stool if subjected to excessive stress.

It is easily disassembled in two parts and therefore is also convenient to store after use to avoid having unnecessary bulk in the bathroom. The essential form, however, finds a place for a soap dish to place the dispenser of the intimate detergent or a smaller soap bar.



  • Imitates a real bidet: Its shape and color are just those of a classic bathroom fixture, but in plastic and it does not need to be connected to the water pipes.
  • Easy to disassemble: You can disconnect the two parts so as to empty it if necessary or to store it when not needed in a small space.
  • Stable: Despite the fragile appearance and the predominance of plastic for its construction, it is quite firm on the ground and safe. The manufacturer declares a tolerance of up to 120 kilos, but those who bought it seem more cautious.

8. Tovee Portable bidet suitable for universal toilets

Your new portable bidet could also be a nice foldable model. This interesting design gimmick collects many positive opinions from buyers and for this reason, it is good to carefully evaluate the different aspects.

Like, for example, the presence of silicone plugs that ensures better adherence to the edge of the toilet. The flexible part is also made of the same material, which reduces the size of the bidet by half once it is stored after use. It should also be noted the presence of the five small holes that avoid overfilling the tray but also emptying it quickly and directly into the toilet.

It is specially designed to carry out washes and to offer relief to those suffering from inflammation of the intimate parts. So the space to move is not very much it is not easy to rinse with your hand. Rather, it is meant to enjoy the relief of steam that softens irritated skin.

DZHT Sitz Bath for Toilet Seat, Hemorrhoids Postpartum Care Basin, Sitz Baths Foldable with Flusher Pregnant Women Yoni Steam Seat
DZHT Sitz Bath for Toilet Seat, Hemorrhoids Postpartum Care Basin, Sitz Baths Foldable with Flusher Pregnant Women Yoni Steam Seat


  • Foldable: The convenience of this solution lies entirely in the possibility of reducing its size by recompacting the tub on itself when not needed.
  • Easy to empty: Even if the cap is missing, the presence of the holes at the top prevents the tank from filling up too much, and when you throw away the water just tilt it slightly to let it flow.
  • Lightweight but strong: The plastic used is sturdy but also flexible enough to allow the tub to hold a heavyweight.

Guide To Buy The Best Portable Bidets

The purchase of the portable bidet can depend on several reasons, the most common is to go to a place where it is absent. Present a little in all homes in Italy, it represents an exception abroad and for this reason, it could be useful to equip yourself adequately.

In other cases, it is useful to have different support to help people who have severe motor deficiencies and cannot use the bidet at home. It is not always easy to equip the home of the elderly with sanitary facilities suitable for the handicapped. With a modest expense, however, it is possible to modify the existing ones to obtain greater comfort and better attention for the person.

More often than not, you can look for this specific accessory to ensure the best intimate hygiene even when you are often away from home for many hours. It may happen that you have to use public toilets, you do not have the convenience of home services, and for this, it is possible to have really comfortable solutions because of compact dimensions and suitable to give the right answer even in conditions on the verge of precariousness.

The most suitable solutions for the elderly and disabled

Adapting a bathroom to be comfortable for a person with reduced mobility can involve very important expenses and masonry work. It is not always easy to deal with this type of home restoration and it is a good idea to shop around for more affordable solutions.

The portable bidet is one of them. In fact, it has the advantage of being easy to use and to store when not needed. Ideal for transforming even a small bathroom but without exceeding the total footprint.  

In some cases, it is possible to transform the same chair on which the patient is standing who cannot stand up independently. The presence of the hole in the seat padding serves precisely to favor the use of containment tools for better hygiene.

In other cases, it is possible to use tubs to be placed directly on the traditional standard toilet already present in the house. The few inches of the tablet can provide a little relief for the knees compared to the bidet which is slightly lower.

Convenient as a bottle

When you are away from home and you need to pay particular attention to your personal hygiene, it may be a good idea to have small solutions. The models attached to the bottle are perfect because they fit comfortably in a bag or briefcase. They are extremely small, mostly their capacity is less than half a liter.

Filled with plain water or with a low detergent solution, they are perfect for giving relief in case of particular pathologies. Hemorrhoids, fistulas, episiotomy, and post-partum wounds, may require targeted interventions to limit the spread of fecal bacteria that increase the state of inflammation.

A simple but effective action to carefully and delicately clean the private parts represents the most effective solution to a disabling problem that takes time to resolve itself. The use of this tool is so intuitive that it is possible to grant better personal hygiene even in public bathrooms or in contexts where you do not have the same comforts as in your own home.  

Portable solutions for the camper or camping

Those who love the outdoors do not necessarily have to give up on personal care. Camping (which, yes, requires a certain spirit of adaptation), does not simply being reduced to the wild. Often absent in campers, the bidet is the fastest and most decisive solution for washing carefully. For this, it is possible to purchase tools that allow you to obtain one from the resources already present in the compartment.

In this case, the tubs to be placed directly on the toilet must have adequate size. The sanitary ware, in this specific context, is small in size and for this reason, the most common portable solutions may not be adequate for the purpose. It is a question of carefully checking the dimensions to verify that they are compatible.

How to use a portable bidet

There are some precautions that are present in some models and not in others, for this reason, it is important to know first what to expect from a portable bidet that meets your needs.

There are some templates that are not easy to download. These are often solutions designed to be emptied in the same toilet and which must be grasped firmly with both hands to prevent the water from ending up on the ground. They are certainly not ideal for those with mobility problems or for those who have to look after people with reduced mobility.

Mostly the portable bidet is used as the traditional fixed one. In some cases, it can be used to take advantage of the moisturizing and relaxing action of steam and salts. Here the tub is narrow and long to allow to contain the heat of the water and to enjoy the soothing effect of the steam on irritated skin.

Check for the presence of the drain

There is not only the cap suitable for this function but also other design features that make the tray more convenient to empty after use. In the long run, the cap may also lose its grip and cause water to run off during cleaning. It may not be easy to find spare parts for such specific parts. Therefore, the possibility that the entire bidet becomes unusable due to a malfunctioning cap should not be ruled out.

The most frequent solutions involve the presence of small holes in the upper rear part of the tray. This makes it easy to grab it and pour the water down the toilet. A solution that may not be without side effects. In fact, it must also be easy to lift the tray and prevent it from slipping out of your hand.

Models for use in the shower

Best Portable Bidets

This type of solution is usually self-supporting, finds space on the shower tray, and allows you to sit down and take advantage of the convenience of the showerhead already present in the shower. Here too it is worth considering some precautions. The length of the shower hose must be such as to reach the tub and perhaps be of help when cleaning the private parts. Often, however, this element is mounted high to offer greater comfort when washing full-length.

The advantage of these items is that they are more convenient to empty directly into the shower drain. But it is good to check that the dimensions of the plate are such as to guarantee ease of movement.

The inflatable solutions

These are options not to be discarded entirely despite the somewhat unstable appearance at a first impression. It has the same function as the plastic trays and some of the features in common. The advantage of these items is to completely reduce their size once stored.

Frequent questions

How are bottle models used?

They are simple and intuitive solutions to direct a jet of water directly towards the private parts even when there is no running water. They are appreciated for their small size and the possibility of being stored in a bag, they often have a bag to keep them in order, or in a briefcase. Just press the bottle to exert sufficient pressure to release the jet of water from the nozzle which directs it like a shower towards the intimate area to be cleaned.

How to use the portable bidet in the hospital after childbirth?

It is a useful solution for vaginal hygiene after episiotomy, surgical cut to promote birth through the birth canal, or due to a laceration after the baby has passed. In both cases, the presence of sutures in the intimate parts represents a strong source of stress and discomfort. For this it is necessary to relieve pain and soften the skin by treating it with specific products. Being immersed in water can also provide relief and help your recovery as quickly and completely as possible.

How do you empty the models without caps?

The presence of holes in the upper part of the basin serves to facilitate the flow of water. This is useful both when you accidentally add too much water to wash, and when it’s time to throw away the dirty one.
Either way, just tilt the tray slightly to empty it towards the toilet. A simple solution but that requires some attention to prevent water from spilling onto the ground


In conclusion, portable bidets offer a convenient and hygienic way to maintain personal cleanliness while traveling. Whether you’re going on a long road trip or a short business trip, a portable bidet can make all the difference in your comfort and health.

The 8 portable bidets listed in this blog post are some of the best on the market, offering a range of features and price points to suit different needs and preferences. So if you’re looking to upgrade your travel hygiene routine, consider investing in a portable bidet and enjoy a more comfortable and refreshing journey.

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