Best Toilet Seats For Heavy Person
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The 7 Best Toilet Seats For Heavy Person

The choice of the toilet seat is often underestimated when in reality it is an essential accessory to give comfort and functionality to the bathroom furniture. It must be made with sturdy and quality materials, because not only the aesthetics or practicality of the environment are at stake, but also our personal hygiene.

Identifying the right model is not as easy as it seems and, to help you in your business, we have collected all the information to consider when purchasing and reviewing the most successful products of the moment. 

Among these we point out: the Ideal Standard J104900, made of thermosetting plastic and which ensures resistance and durability over the years at a reasonable cost; while the Pozzi Ginori 41761000, slightly more expensive, it boasts a made in Italy design that makes it decidedly beautiful as well as functional.

Best Toilet Seats For Heavy Person

We present below a ranking of the Best Toilet Seats For Heavy Person of 2022, chosen by our editorial staff among the most popular offers this year by users. By comparing the prices and features of each model, you will surely be able to identify the one that suits your needs.

1. Ideal Standard Copriwater Dolomite J104900

Ceramica Dolomite J104900 Original Clodia Thermosetting Toilet...
  • Original Clodia series toilet seat
  • Thermosetting toilet seat
  • Metal hinges

After due consideration, we decided to assign the title of the best toilet seat to the Ideal Standard model J104900, characterized by a good build quality coupled with a really advantageous selling price.

Unlike other cheap products sold online, which show signs of subsidence after a few uses, it is entirely made of first choice thermosetting plastic that ensures long life and high resistance to shocks and stresses.

The package also includes metal attachments for installation, which help to make the seat stable and robust, avoiding annoying flexions are created over time that would compromise its tightness.

It must be said, however, that the hinges are the main weakness of the product, given that, according to the opinions of users, they tend to rust after a while due to humidity and aggressive detergents.

Apart from this, the Ideal Standard toilet seat has no other defects and, since it boasts a well-finished and refined aesthetic, it adapts to any type of furniture, classic or modern.


Materials: Made of high-quality thermosetting plastic, the Ideal Standard model J104900 is solid and robust to ensure good durability over time.

Quality/price ratio: Despite the good construction yield, it is offered at a really attractive price, making it the ideal choice for those looking for a stable and resistant toilet seat without spending a fortune.

Aesthetics: Being a made in Italy product, it has a sober design but is well cared for in detail that will certainly enhance the aesthetics of any bathroom.

Ceramica Dolomite J104900 Original Clodia Thermosetting Toilet...
Original Clodia series toilet seat; Thermosetting toilet seat; Metal hinges


Hinges: It is good that the hinges for installation are also included in the package; It is a pity, however, that their metalcore, between humidity and detergents, tends to rust very quickly.

2. Pozzi Ginori Thermosetting toilet seat 41761000

Pozzi Ginori 41761000 Thermoset Seat 500, White
  • Bathroom Accessories
  • Seats for pots and bidets.
  • Normal Lock

An Italian company that boasts more than fifty years of experience in the sector, Pozzi Ginori offers a large catalog of toilet seats to meet the most diverse needs. Among its most successful products, we have chosen the 41761000 model which, being made of solid thermosetting resin with an attractive glossy finish, is the best both in terms of aesthetics and in terms of durability.

During processing, the surface has been subjected to a special anti-scratch treatment that protects it from the ravages of time, while the stainless steel fixing hinges (included in the package) ensure good stability even after repeated use.

The only discordant note is the cost, which in comparison to that of other models available on the market, appears much higher, even if this substantial price difference will be repaid over time with greater resistance to wear and scratches. 

Before making any decision regarding the purchase of the Pozzi Ginori toilet seat, keep in mind that the model is only compatible with the 500 series sanitary ware of the homonymous company.


Quality: The product is stable and well built, thanks above all to the construction in thermoplastic resin which ensures superior durability.

Aesthetics: The glossy white finish enhances its aesthetics and makes it easy to combine with bathroom furnishings.

Stable: Another strong point of the product is the ease of installation, which takes no more than ten minutes at most, while the stainless steel fixing hinges, included in the package, are not afraid of rust or humidity.

Pozzi Ginori 41761000 Thermoset Seat 500, White
Bathroom Accessories; Seats for pots and bidets.; Normal Lock


Compatibility: The model is only compatible with Pozzi Ginori 500 series sanitary ware; so it is advisable to check the dimensions of the product and those of your toilet.

3. Ceramica Globo Copriwater Bowl Mod. SB021

MAYFAIR 843SLOW 000 Lannon Toilet Seat will Slow Close and Never...
21,164 Reviews
MAYFAIR 843SLOW 000 Lannon Toilet Seat will Slow Close and Never...
  • NO SLAMMING: Seat closes slowly and quietly with a tap to eliminate pinched fingers
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Top-Tite STA-TITE tightens from the top to make installation easier
  • NO BENDING: The Top-Tite STA-TITE Seat Fastening System INSTALLS FROM THE TOP, eliminating the...
  • PERFECT FIT: Precision Seat Fit has front to back adjustability for the perfect seat to toilet...
  • RESISTS CHIPPING AND SCRATCHING: Durable enameled wood seat provides a superior high-gloss...

While not the cheapest product on our list, the Globo SB021 toilet seat offers good guarantees of quality and resistance, which is why we have decided to include it in our buying advice.

Like the previous products, it is made of very solid and resistant thermosetting plastic material, but it differs in some processing precautions that contribute to prolonging its duration: we are talking, specifically, of the special anti-scratch and anti-yellowing treatment, which allows keeping the time both the quality and the beauty of the product.

This means that it will be possible to clean the complement without fear that water and aggressive detergents produce unsightly yellowish rather unsightly and unsightly patinas.

Finally, it is very stable thanks to the fixing with expansion plugs and the chromed stainless steel hinges, although some have encountered many difficulties during assembly, which proved to be anything but simple. We conclude our review with a list of the positive and negative aspects related to the purchase of the Globo SB021 toilet seat.


Robust: The product is very solid and enriched with anti-scratch and anti-yellowing treatments that grant it greater resistance and sturdiness, as well as being made with completely non-toxic materials.

Finish: Another point in favor of the model is certainly its sober design but with a great aesthetic impact, due to the glossy white finish that gives it an appearance very similar to that of a ceramic object.

Stable: It is particularly stable thanks to the fixing with expansion plugs and the chromed stainless steel hinges included in the price.

MAYFAIR 843SLOW 000 Lannon Toilet Seat will Slow Close and Never...
NO SLAMMING: Seat closes slowly and quietly with a tap to eliminate pinched fingers; EASY INSTALLATION: Top-Tite STA-TITE tightens from the top to make installation easier


Cost: It appears slightly higher than competing products, so if you are looking for a toilet seat at low prices you will have to evaluate other proposals.

Installation: The assembly has not proved particularly simple, especially for those who are not very familiar with DIY.

4. Htbakoi Antibacterial Disposable Toilet Seat

Biodegradable Half-Fold Toilet Seat Covers 500 Pk. Self-Flushing,...
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The choice of the toilet seat should not be taken lightly, since its function is to protect the private parts from germs and any bacterial contamination. To safeguard your health and that of loved ones, especially when you travel often or have to use public toilets, the best solution is disposable toilet seats, special standard-form disposable products that, once used, can be thrown away. quietly down the drain along with toilet paper.

Among the best, we point out the cellulose toilet seat by Htbakoi, sold in packs of 60 pieces at a very attractive price. Their design fits most sanitary ware around, including those in gas stations and public toilets, and is equipped with a waterproof surface, you no longer have to worry about getting wet during use.

When closed they are extremely compact and light, so it will be possible to take them with you on a trip, camping, or on a trip by placing them comfortably in your bag or suitcase.


Hygienic: Perfect for frequent travelers or when you need to use public toilets, these handy disposable toilet seats prevent the skin from coming into contact with bacteria and microbes that could generate infections or painful irritation.

Practical: After use, they can be safely thrown down the drain, as they are made of pure biodegradable cellulose that dissolves in water in a short time.

Economic: The offer includes 60 disposable pieces to carry comfortably with you in your bag or suitcase, all at a very advantageous cost.


Thickness: The only note concerns the thin thickness of the covers, which forces you to pay more attention during use to prevent them from breaking.

5. Flaminia Thermosetting Como toilet seat

Vive Toilet Seat Cushion (2" Cushioned Foam) - Easy Clean Soft...
  • SOFT CUSHIONED SEATING: Our Padded Toilet Seat Cushion by Vive effectively relieves pressure...
  • FITS ANY STANDARD TOILET SEAT: Sized to fit most standard or elongated toilet seats, our Padded...
  • SIMPLE TO INSTALL AND WON’T SHIFT: Easy to install, our Padded Toilet Seat Cushion’s base...
  • EASY TO CLEAN: The toilet seat cushion’s easy-clean cover includes a zipper, which allows for...
  • VIVE 60-DAY GUARANTEE: 60 day guarantee so you can purchase now with confidence.

Among the best-selling products we also find the Flaminia Como toilet seat which, at first glance, appears less “intrusive” by virtue of its discreet dimensions that allow it to adapt to most sanitary ware on the market, including suspended ones. Made of thermosetting material, it has antibacterial protection which, in addition to preventing the proliferation of germs and bacteria, guarantees maximum hygiene.

We were also positively impressed by the rounded design of the product, which provides a very comfortable and stable seat, while the adjustable hinges in chromed steel allow it to be installed on any cup, also giving remarkable ease of cleaning.

In addition, it features an efficient “soft close” closure, which prevents the lid from banging loudly if it slips from your hands, thus preventing it from breaking in case of distraction. In addition, the smooth and glossy surface has proved to be very resistant to scratches and yellowing, so it will keep its characteristics intact even after various uses.


Compatibility: The Como di Flaminia has standard dimensions and is equipped with adjustable hinges that make it compatible with most of the sanitary ware available on the market.

Comfortable: The rounded edges and the antibacterial protection ensure a comfortable and easy seat, as well as making subsequent maintenance operations quick and practical.

Soft close: The “soft close” system avoids annoying noises and chipping if the lid is lowered too vehemently and allows children to use the toilet safely.

Vive Toilet Seat Cushion (2" Cushioned Foam) - Easy Clean Soft...
VIVE 60-DAY GUARANTEE: 60 day guarantee so you can purchase now with confidence.


Small imperfections: It might happen to find some small structural defect when opening the package, but given the economic cost of the item, this should not be surprising.

6. Catalano Toilet Seat Sphere / Snow

Essential Medical Supply Elevated Toilet Seat with Padded Arms,...
  • Installs under your toilet seat giving you a 3.5" rise: Don't forsake the comfort of your own...
  • Arms make it easier to get on and off: The heavy duty arms will help you push off the toilet...
  • Wipes down easily: Don't worry about lingering stains as the plastic molded rail can be wiped...
  • Hardware and instructions included for a secure fit: The riser comes with the added long screws...
  • Fits an Elongated bowl: The toilet riser is 19.5 inch long and 14 inch wide which will fit any...

Slightly smaller than the models seen so far, the Catalano toilet seat has dimensions of 43.8 × 37.8 cm, with a height of about 40 centimeters, therefore perfect for those who have a cup of contained dimensions but do not want to give up the aesthetics.

The product, in fact, has a cover on the back that aims to hide hinges and fix screws, creating a continuity of materials that will enrich the design of your bathroom with a touch of style and originality.

The materials used for its construction are the classic thermosetting plastic and melamine resin, among the most popular for their characteristics of resistance and durability; while the reinforcements in the lower part prevent the seat from moving or tend to move during use. Such attention to detail certainly justifies the high cost, although it forces you to desist from buying if you have a limited budget.


Materials: It is a very strong and durable product since it is made of thermosetting plastic and first choice melamine resin.

Design: The glossy finish and rounded lines make it a very pleasing object from an aesthetic point of view, and the merit is also due to the cover on the back which makes holes and fixing screws well hidden from view.


High price: The build quality of the product is really excellent, but it has made the cost rise.

Dimensions: Being slightly smaller than the average, you will need to take the measurements of your toilet to be sure you can use it.

7. Homfa Universal Toilet Seat with Soft Close

Toilet Seat Elongated Soft Close with Quick Release Hinges MUYE...
  • 【Innovative Toilet Seat】This new elongated toilet seat is more ergonomically designed,...
  • 【Slow Close】Our toilet seat closes slowly and quietly, so you don’t have to worry about...
  • 【Upgraded Materials】Different from ordinary plastic, our toilet lid is made of high-quality...
  • 【Easy to Install】The toilet seat can be easily removed and comes with high-quality...
  • 【Worry-free shopping】We always focus on the customer’s shopping experience, if you have...

Undecided on which toilet seat to buy because you are looking for one that can be mounted on any type of toilet? Then, we advise you to carefully read the technical characteristics of Homfa’s universal model.

First of all, installation is quick and easy thanks to the adjustable hinges which, being made of well-made stainless steel, will not loosen or lose their grip even if subjected to continuous stress.

It is therefore a product with a convincing quality/price ratio, ideal for those looking for an economical but quality solution: it is built-in resin and high-density polypropylene, while the “soft close” cushioned closure prevents the lid from slamming into place. noisy way, regardless of the force exerted during closing.

If you think this is the right product for you, we invite you to take a last look at its main features, so that you can make the right decision.


Closing: The main advantage of Homfa’s universal toilet seat is the “soft close” system which allows a slow and silent closing of the table, without fear of breaking if not given due attention.

Universal: Thanks to its standard dimensions and the presence of adjustable hinges, the product easily adapts to any type of toilet, even suspended or square-shaped ones.

Advantageous price: While being made of high-quality resin and polypropylene, it can be purchased at a very competitive price.


It may turn yellow: The construction materials have not undergone any special treatment, so they may turn yellow after some time, especially if you use particularly aggressive detergents.

Toilet Seat Hinges

Alfeo Hinges for Toilet Seat with Blind Holes

If they are not included in the package of the newly purchased product or if it is necessary to replace the worn ones of the old toilet-table, the Alfeo toilet seat hinges are the best currently available on the market.

To begin with, they are made of stainless steel with a chrome finish, so they offer excellent guarantees of resistance and non-deformability, while the blind holes are suitable for both expansion and traditional fixing.

In the package, you will find two hinges suitable for most sanitary ware available on the market, two pins, and a gasket kit to make everything more stable and safe. The price does not appear excessive, although cheaper products with similar characteristics can be found on sale.

Guide To Buy A Best Toilet Seats For Heavy Person

When the time comes to buy a new toilet seat for your toilet or replace the old one, it is important to pay attention to certain requirements that will make the choice more forward-looking and profitable. 

Our guide will help you determine how to choose a good toilet seat among the many available on the market so that you can invest your money in a product that fully satisfies your needs.

The dimensions

The first factor to consider is the size of the product, which must adapt perfectly to those of your sanitaryware. Since the toilet seat will be placed on the frame of the bowl, it will have to follow the length of the perimeter to avoid the risk of it wobbling or moving during use.

If the sanitary fixture on which to install it has just been purchased, it is preferable to opt for a model of the same brand, so as not to have any problems whatsoever during assembly; if not, arm yourself with a tape measure, paper and pen and take the measurements of the toilet, that is depth, width, and distance between the holes of the hinges.

51Btj3kd0NL. AC SX425
In general, standard toilet seats have a width ranging from 36 to 40 cm and a length between 42 and 44 cm, but there are also “universal” models with adjustable hinges that can be installed on most of the toilets in circulation.

And materials

Another fundamental aspect to keep in mind when choosing a toilet seat is the materials with which it is made. From this point of view, the market offers various solutions to choose from, from the classic versions in wood or ceramic for those who are attentive to aesthetics and design, as well as sturdiness, up to newly conceived products that ensure greater durability. time for a reasonable cost.

This is the case of thermosetting plastic which, thanks to a particular cross-linking process of the structure, is lighter than the ceramic counterpart and also more resistant to corrosion and stress. Cheaper, but just as solid and sturdy, are the MDF seats, characterized by a wooden core covered with several layers of paint, which help to keep their brilliance unaltered over the years.

In order not to run the risk that over time the surface of the toilet seat will yellow or undergo variations in shape and color, it is advisable to opt for a model that has undergone special anti-scratch and anti-yellowing treatments, so that the structure retains its aesthetic qualities and functional in the medium / long term.

The quality of the hinges

If you have already had the opportunity to take a look at the products for sale on the web, you will surely have noticed that between one model and another there is a substantial difference in price, despite having similar characteristics and dimensions.

This cost gap is often determined by the presence of some essential accessories for the correct installation of the toilet seat, such as dowels, metal joints, and hinges. The latter, in particular, are responsible for lifting and lowering the tablet, so it is essential that they are resistant and of good quality.

Precisely for this reason, it is advisable to choose robust materials such as stainless steel and brass which, despite being slightly more expensive, ensure longer life of the product, especially if subjected to continuous stress.

If then, you aim for maximum practicality, you can also opt for hinges with soft close, known as “soft close“, which protects the lid from sudden bumps and reduces noise to a minimum, as well as minimizing the risk of getting hurt. fingers after using the bathroom.

Shapes and colors

As bizarre as it may seem, aesthetics are also an element that should not be underestimated when choosing. The design of the toilet seat, in addition to adapting to the shape of the vase on which it will be installed, should be in perfect harmony with the rest of the furniture, otherwise, an invasive accessory that does not correspond to one’s aesthetic standards will be found under one’s eyes.

511sdW KyoL. AC SX425

Like most bathroom furnishings, toilet seats can also be divided into two broad categories: modern and classic. The former are characterized by clean and essential lines, often with more original and bright colors than the usual sad white. The models that belong to this group are generally built with the latest generation materials, such as resin or polypropylene, and have particular geometric shapes that contribute to making the environment more modern and captivating.

The classic versions, on the other hand, are easier to combine and all have in common a preference for ceramic and wood as construction materials. In this case, the choice will have to be more prudent, since these models are more expensive and require more care both during cleaning and during use.

Frequent questions

How to clean the yellowed toilet seat?

To make a yellowed toilet seat shine again, there are several easy and cheap do-it-yourself remedies that will allow you to effectively remove any stains and unsightly yellow patinas. 
One of these consists of using a mixture of vinegar, salt, and lemon, to leave on for about 30 minutes and rinse with a damp cotton cloth. 

To whiten the surface even more deeply, you can also use sodium bicarbonate, while it is absolutely not recommended to use bleach which, in addition to being highly harmful and polluting, could further yellow the plastic of the toilet seat.

Where to buy disposable toilet seats?

Like traditional toilet seats, disposable ones can also be purchased online or in a well-stocked household store.

How to mount a toilet seat?

Assembling the toilet seat is a fairly simple operation even for those who are not very familiar with DIY. 
After removing the old cover and cleaning the area carefully to remove any dirt and limescale residues, all you have to do is place the new table on top of the cup and fix it with the pins provided.

How to measure the toilet seat?

First of all, it is important to understand which geometric shape your toilet corresponds to, after which you will need to take the following measurements: width, length (i.e. the distance between the holes and the tip of the toilet), and distance between the holes of the hinges. 

To be sure not to make a mistake, you can also take a picture of the sanitary from above (without a toilet seat) or reconstruct its shape on a card, noting the precise measurements.

Where to dispose of the toilet seat?

The toilet seat, whether in plastic or ceramic, falls within the category of bulky waste, for which a special management and disposal procedure is envisaged. 

To get rid of it, therefore, just take the object, even if small, to the ecological island of your city and, if the municipality of residence offers a home collection service, you can also contact the competent office to book the collection.

How To Use A Toilet Seat?

The toilet seat is the accessory most subject to involuntary bumps and abrupt lowering that could cause premature death. This is why it is essential to choose a robust and good quality product, but it is equally important to learn how to use it correctly to ensure that it lasts longer over time and maintains its aesthetic and qualitative characteristics unaltered.

What is it for

First of all, it is important to understand what a toilet seat is for. Although it is an accessory that is generally mounted on the toilet for purely aesthetic purposes, that is to beautify the bathroom area, its function is much more important, since it makes the seat comfortable and comfortable, avoiding coming into contact with cold ceramic. of the cup and any bacteria brought by other people who have used it before us.

However, since there are so many models available on the market, it is not always easy to find the one that suits your needs. If you are wondering how to choose the right product, first you have to take the measurements of your sanitary ware, calculating the distance between the two holes in the hinges and the maximum length horizontally and vertically.

If for some reason it is not possible to buy a toilet seat of the same brand as the toilet, you can also opt for a universal model compatible with various brands. Finally, choose the shape and color that suits you best, always taking into account – obviously – the style of your bathroom in order not to create too dissonant contrasts.

The types

It really needs to be said: each bathroom has its own toilet seat! On sale, you can find super colorful models with special decorations suitable for any type of environment, but there is no shortage of simpler and more linear basic versions for those who love the classic style. Obviously, the more elaborate the design, the more the price of the product tends to rise.

According to your needs and the composition of your family unit, you can opt for a table equipped with a fall arrest brake, to avoid noisy closures or seat breaking, or for a model equipped with a reducer to allow even small children to use the toilet without difficulty.

Recently, then, the so-called washlets, or Japanese toilet seats, have also been introduced in our country, which has various useful functions, such as water jets for washing or a drying mode.

Finally, there are models designed to facilitate the use of toilets for the disabled and elderly people who, due to their reduced mobility, may encounter difficulties in carrying out some daily physiological functions.

The cleaning

Over time, all toilet boards, even those of the best brand, tend to yellow, giving a rather unpleasant feeling of dirt and neglect. Excluding those related to wear and frequent use, the causes can be different, starting with the use of aggressive detergents which, in the long run, could irreparably ruin the structure.

The best way to prevent and solve the problem is certainly to carry out a correct and frequent cleaning. Therefore, bleach and corrosive descalers are banned, green light for natural and delicate home remedies, such as vinegar and baking soda.

In case of persistent and difficult-to-remove stains, you can prepare a solution based on bicarbonate and hydrogen peroxide to be sprayed directly on the dirt. Finally, an eye also for the hinges and other accessories supplied, which should always be cleaned with a mild detergent and dried carefully to prevent oxidation.

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