how to adjust the float in a toilet
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How To Adjust The Float On Your Toilet: A Simple Guide

You know that wobble in your toilet that makes you curse every time you have to flush it? If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably gone through a phase where you can’t flush your toilet without it wobbling. That’s because I’ve been through that phase too.

Unless you have a perfectly aligned floor, every toilet will have some degree of wobble. Adjusting the float allows you to adjust the level of water in your toilet so that it flushes without any wobbles. Here’s how to adjust the float on your toilet.

What Is The Float On A Toilet?

How To Adjust The Float On Your Toilet
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The float is a mechanism in your toilet that registers the water level in your tank. It’s important to keep this mechanism in good working order. If it gets damaged or clogs, it can cause your toilet to overflow and leak. This is dangerous for your home and any people or pets that live there.

If your float clogs or gets damaged, it’s easy enough to fix. You can also adjust your float so that it’s easier to flush your toilet.

The float is typically located on the tank or bowl end of your toilet. It can also be located near the base of the toilet as well. Your float will be either filled with water or have a weighted plunger that keeps it submerged.

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Depending on the type of toilet you have, your float could be located at a different height. This is because toilets come in a variety of heights and designs.

How To Adjust The Float On Your Toilet?

You’ll need:

Before you start adjusting the float, make sure you know the type of toilet you have and where your float is located. Next, remove the toilet seat if it’s attached to your toilet. Also, make sure that you don’t have any hair or debris stuck in the flush valve. Clean it with a rag so that it can flush properly.

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Next, set up your bucket to catch the overflow. I set mine up so that it sits in the front of my toilet. Make sure that you have plenty of newspaper or paper towels in your bucket as well. Your bucket should be big enough so that it can catch some of the overflows that come out of your toilet.

How Much Do You Need To Adjust?

If your toilet is too high, you’ll need to lower the float. If it’s too low, it’s going to be clogged. You can estimate how much you need to adjust the float by first taking a look at your toilet. You can do this by holding a ruler to the edge of your toilet and looking at the height marked on it.

If your toilet is labeled as “Standard” or “Junior,” you can also use our toilet height guide to help you out. If you find that your toilet is too high, then your float is probably too low. In this case, you’ll need to raise the float.

If your toilet is too low, then your float is probably too high. In this case, you’ll need to lower the float. There is only a small margin of error when it comes to adjusting the float on your toilet. If you’re more than 1/8 inch off, you won’t notice any difference.

What Tools Do You Need?

Longhandled toilet wrench or large wrench

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Plunger or spud wrench

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Bucket to catch overflow

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These are the only tools that you’ll need for adjusting the float. They’re simple enough that you can do this project with just a toilet wrench and a bucket. You’ll be able to adjust your float so that it’s easier to flush without any wobbles.

You can get toilet wrenches online or at a hardware store. They can be a bit expensive so it’s a good idea to pick one up while you’re there if you have the chance.

Get To Adjusting

The first thing that you need to do is shut off the water in your home. This will ensure that there’s no water in your toilet tank and that you don’t accidentally adjust the float.

Next, remove the bolts that hold your toilet to the floor. If you can’t reach them, have a friend hold the toilet steady while you remove the bolts.

Also, make sure that your toilet is lowered to the correct height. Take a look at our toilet height guide and adjust your toilet so that it’s at the correct height.

Next, remove the flush valve if it’s attached to your toilet. This will allow you to access the flush valve and float.

Here’s How Your Toilet Float Works

There are a variety of toilet float designs. Each works in a slightly different way. The float in most toilets is located inside the tank and is connected to the flush valve.

As water fills the tank, the float rises and compresses the valve. When the water in the toilet tank is near the top of the toilet, the valve is compressed and water fills the bowl.

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As the water level in the tank drops, the float sinks back down and the valve fills with water again. This keeps your toilet running.

The main difference between toilet designs is the amount of time it takes for the valve to refill after the water level drops. The longer it takes, the higher the toilet is.

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Most toilets on the market today use a two-piece design. One piece is the float, and the other is the valve. The valve fills with water and releases it every time someone flushes.

What Does Your Float Look Like?

Here’s what a typical float looks like. It will be either black or green and has numbers printed on it. The numbers are the height that is required to fill the tank. In most cases, you’ll have to adjust the float so that it’s at around 1. Where the float is at 1, you’ll have to add more water.

You can then add more water until your toilet is at the correct height. You’ll also have to adjust the float so that it’s at roughly the same height for all toilets. There will be some variation in the height. This is because every toilet is slightly different.

If you have a toilet that is lower than average, you’ll have to adjust your float so that it’s higher. If your toilet is taller, then you’ll have to adjust your float so that it’s lower.

The float is located in your toilet tank and is used to control the flow of water. It can be used to adjust the length of your toilet flush. If it’s too high or too low, you can adjust the float to fix it. There are several different types of toilets and floats so it’s important to know what type you have. We’ve outlined the steps below.

How to adjust the float in a toilet
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