How to Clean Mold Out of your Toilet Tank
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How to Clean Mold Out of your Toilet Tank in a Quick and Easy Way

Everyone knows that toilet training is hard. It’s even more difficult when your child has a sensitive stomach and a weak immune system. The smell of moldy toilet water is almost unbearable, and the sight of it is almost as bad.

The smell of moldy toilet water can be so strong that you won’t be able to open a door or window and let the air in. You will literally be unable to clean out the moldy toilet water from your toilet tank in a quick and easy way. You need to take measures to keep the mold out as much as possible.

That’s why we’ve written this article about how to clean mold out of your toilet tank in a quick and easy way.

How to Clean Mold Out of your Toilet Tank

Get a Can of Mold Stripping

If you’re dealing with a professional who specializes in mold remediation, they may know how to clean mold out of toilet tanks. These professionals use specialized chemicals to get rid of mold and its spores.

If you don’t have access to such professionals, you may be able to clean out your toilet tank using a regular can of household bleach. For the best results, use the full-strength bleach recommended on the can. This will get rid of the most mold and water spots.

For mildew spots, use the less recommended strength. That said, using household bleaches to clean out your toilet tank can lead to stains on your toilet bowl and tank seams.

If you plan to keep your toilet tank clean, we recommend the can of mold stripping. These are much cheaper than specialty cleaners and you can buy a can for every 50 gallons of water. You will save a lot of money in the long run by not having to buy chemicals that you may not be able to properly re-use.

Use Bleach

Bleach is one of the most effective ways to remove stains and odor from toilet bowls. It’s also one of the cheapest. You can purchase a 6-pack of bleach at your local hardware store for $8.99. That’s $0.0013 per bottle.

You will save a lot of money over the course of many years when you use bleach to clean your toilet bowl.

If you use regular household bleach for every household cleaning task, you will end up with a stockpile of bleach that you can use to clean your toilet bowl whenever you’re ready.

Do arinental Cleansing

If you have an infant, you may not want to try the arinental cleansing process. In this method, you will pour boiling water over the toilet bowl to loosen up the clogging bits in the toilet bowl.

The water will then be drained and the bowl will be Tulsi-blended to prevent potential infections. This process can be a little messy and time-consuming.

You will also need to clean the toilet bowl often to keep it from getting clogged. However, with time, your child will get the hang of it and you will be able to stop doing this task.

Use Trash Disposals

Trash disposals are the next best thing to using arinental cleansing to get rid of mold out of the toilet tank. These machines are affordable, easy to use, and quite effective.

All you have to do is put the trash in the machine, set the timer, and go about your business. You will likely experience better results with these types of waste disposals compared to a standard toilet bowl.

Change Your Toilet Water

One of the biggest offenders when it comes to keeping your toilet tank clean is the change of water source. This is when you move from a slow-water to a fast-water source and back again.

Generally, slow-moving water makes for slow-acting restroom cleaners. By contrast, fast-moving water has less time for organic material to settle at the bottom of the bowl.

Once this layer is settled, it can be difficult or impossible to get out. To prevent water spots, line your toilet bowl with a white cloth or use a tissue to absorb excess water.

You can also purchase toilet-style water fillers that are specifically made to add weight to toilet bowls.

Don’t Use Shower Buddies

We love shower buddies too, but they are not a good idea when it comes to cleaning out your toilet. Shower buddies are designed to keep you from scrubbing out your toilet while you’re in the bath. This is why they are used.

However, when you use shower buddies, you need to be extremely careful. The plastic shower buddies are actually made with a special formula to prevent from leaching chemicals into your water supply.

Unfortunately, the plastic in these buddies is not biodegradable. In order to avoid this problem, you need to use a real toilet buddy made of soft, human hair. A shower buddy will do just fine for most households.

Try Regular Bleach Bowl Cleaning

Another thing that will help keep your toilet tank clean is regular Bleach Bowl Cleaning. This will help get rid of any hard-to-reach dirt and McLucka water spots.

If you’ve tried the above methods and still can’t get rid of the stain, we recommend using a special toilet bowl cleaner. These are meant to be used on a daily basis and help to get rid of the toughest toilet stains.


As you can see, cleaning out your toilet tank is no child’s play. It takes time, effort, and a see-through budget, but it’s definitely worth it in the end. Even just one toilet flush goes a long way towards helping your child feel better and function better on a daily basis.

Now all you have to do is follow these tips and clean out your toilet tank in as little time as possible. From there, your child will be able to enjoy better health and a cleaner toilet for a much longer time.

Our article about how to clean mold out of your toilet tank in a quick and easy way has helped many parents out there. So, do yourself a favor and get on the cleaning train. Your child’s health and well-being depend on it!

How to Clean Mold from Toilet
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