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How To Get Rid Of Bad Smells From Your Bathroom Drain?

In this article, we’ll cover how to get rid of that fishy, moldy, or otherwise dirty smell from your bathroom drain, no matter what the cause. Keep reading if you want to learn how to get rid of a bad smell from your drain.

Stinky bathrooms seem to be more common than ever. Whether you live in an old house or just have a smelly drain, there are several things you can do to get rid of that smell.

Usually, the culprit of smells coming from your drain is bacteria. Although bacteria is essential in keeping your pipes clean and smelling fresh, it can also cause bad odors. It’s important to get rid of the source of the smell and keep it from coming back.

Make Sure There’s No Blockage

The first thing you’ll want to do is make sure there’s no blockage in your drain. This can be a big one since it can cause bad smells coming from your pipes. If your water doesn’t flow properly, or if there’s a buildup of something in your pipes, it can cause your drains to get plugged.

This can cause the water in your pipes to sit stagnant, which will cause smells to build up. To make sure there’s no blockage in your pipes, you can try prying open your pipes with a flathead screwdriver. Try not to damage anything, though, as this will cause problems down the road.

You can also try a water pressure reducer, which is a hose that lets water flow at a slower rate. Try these both, and if they don’t work, you may need to hire a professional to unblock your pipes.

Remove the Cause of the Bad Smell

The next step is removing the cause of the bad smell from your pipes. If there’s a buildup of something in your pipes, it can cause a bad smell to build up. So, the first thing you’ll want to do is unplug your drain to get rid of the source of the smell.

To do this, turn off the water to your house at the mainline. Then, open the drain cover, which is usually near your toilet. This will let any water flowing out of your toilet go down the drain. Next, you’ll need to remove the source of the bad smell. This could be anything from a buildup of soap scum in your pipes to a buildup of hair in your drain.

So, first, remove as much of the buildup as you can by running an auger down your pipes. You can also try a pipe snake, which is a long, flexible tube that you can pull through your drain.

Install a Foul Smell Filter

Next, you’ll want to install a foul smell filter. This is a device that sits in your pipes and traps any bad smells coming from your drain. Most types of filters are odorless, so your smell won’t be weirdly altered like it often is with bleach.

In order to install one, you’ll first need to turn on your water. Then, take a bucket and fill it with warm water. This will make it easier to remove the filter, which has a lip you can use to pull it out of your pipe. Once your filter is out of your pipe, simply install it in your drain.

This one is a good one, as it clogs quickly and traps odors. Plus, this one is also bacteria-free, which can be helpful if you have a lot of bacteria buildup in your pipes.

Try a Baking Soda and Vinegar Solution

Baking soda is great for getting rid of odors, including bad ones coming from your pipes. So, the next thing you can try is adding baking soda and vinegar to your sink. Shake the baking soda and vinegar in a bottle until it’s evenly mixed. Then, add it to your sink and fill it with warm water.

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This will help suppress any bad smells coming from your drain. Now, dump your baking soda and vinegar mixture down your drain. This can help get rid of the baking soda smell and keep your pipes smelling fresh. Plus, it will also help get rid of that bad smell coming from your drain.

Get Rid of Smells From Your Toilet

The next step is getting rid of smells coming from your toilet. This is often a buildup of something in your toilet. The first thing you can try is cleaning your toilet periodically. This will help get rid of any buildup that’s sitting in your toilet. Plus, it will also help keep your toilet from developing bad smells.

If you don’t clean your toilet regularly, it can also cause mold to build up in your toilet. This can cause bad smells in your toilet, so cleaning your toilet regularly is a good idea. There are also chemicals you can buy that help keep your toilet smelling fresh. Try using one of these every so often to get rid of that smell coming from your toilet.

Get Rid of Smells From Your Floor

The last thing you can try is getting rid of smells coming from your floor. This can be a buildup of something in your foot traffic or any spots where food is often dropped, like near a sink.

The first thing you can try is using an odor eliminator on your floor. These sprays are designed to remove grease, blood, urine, and other stains from floors without altering the scent. You can buy these sprays at a home improvement store or online.

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It’s important to note that these sprays can remove all types of smells, not just bad ones. So, if your floor is always smelling, that could be the culprit.

Get Rid of Drain Smells


Bad smells coming from your bathroom sink or drain can be difficult to deal with. Whether you have a buildup of soap scum, an overflowing drain, or a clogged drain, it can be frustrating to deal with.

To get rid of the smell, you can try several things, including installing a foul smell filter, trying a baking soda and vinegar solution, and getting rid of the source of the bad smell.

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