How to unclog a bathroom
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How To Unclog A Bathroom: Tips, Homemade Tricks, And More.

Sometimes a bathroom presents some problems, such as a jammed toilet case, so this article will explain how to unclog a jammed bathroom in the most efficient way.

How to unclog a bathroom?

Toilet jams are very common and certainly happen at the most inconvenient times, but there are many ways to solve this problem. You can use different types of drain cleaners, or several types of openers, that make cleaning easier in the bathroom.

You can also use some types of homemade cleaners that can be made from hot water, you can also add baking soda and vinegar as well included, to make a product that has the ability to unclog the bathroom with the same homemade products easily.

However, there are cases when the toilet is very clogged, so a special plunger must be applied to the drain, then a liquid or dry vacuum is used so that the cleaning work can be done in the bathroom. An effective way without having to resort to professional services.

It is also common for doubts to arise on how to unclog the bathroom without a drain cleaner, which allows solving this problem without the need to apply chemical products or have to call a plumber, there are many ways that can be applied to facilitate this work.

Generally in such cases a lot of water is used and it is recommended to be added with a bucket, in this way it is ascertained the amount of water added and it will be dienal by force, this is due to the fact. that sometimes when pulling the toilet chain is not enough to take out all the garbage.

Thus, the temperature of the water provided is also important, as it can facilitate the removal of residues as they dissolve, allowing drainage. It is important that boiling water is not added to the toilet because sudden temperature changes can cause the porcelain to crack.

In the same way, fluids can be used to solve this problem and effectively clear the ducts. In the market, you can find a variety of products that aim to remove clogging residues.

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Applying a toilet plunger

There are ways and forms how to unclog a bathroom quickly, and this can be done with the application of a toilet plunger. This situation can be very problematic when the steps and points that can be taken to perform this type of cleaning are unknown, unknown to the person.

Because of this, people who want to do this cleaning are advised to better understand the procedure. Therefore the following are the steps that must be taken to use this method in the most effective way so that the desired results can be obtained:

Prevent toilet water from spilling

  • It is in the event that the toilet does not flush properly.
  • So the chain is flushed again but this causes more water to be sent to the toilet bowl.
  • To avoid this, you need to remove the toilet lid.
  • Then the traps in the toilet should be closed.
aid8610856 v4 728px Adjust the Water Level in Toilet Bowl Step 3 Version 2.jpg

The bathroom is conditioned

  • This step should be taken to prevent water from splashing
  • The first is to put a newspaper around the toilet
  • You can also use paper towels placed on the bathroom floor
How to unclog a bathroom
  • This way you can absorb fluids that may spill from the toilet
  • At the same time, the necessary cleaning of the bathroom is facilitated.
  • It is recommended to turn on the fan because of the unpleasant odor that can be felt
  • Windows can also be opened to reduce this unpleasant odor
  • If the toilet is very clogged, it is recommended to use special rubber gloves to clean it.
  • This way you have greater security and protection from viruses and germs that are in your toilet
  • It is recommended that rubber gloves be worn up to the elbows to avoid contact with germs.
  • Another recommendation is that when you start cleaning your toilet, use old clothes so as not to damage new or good clothes so that they are not damaged due to toilet water spills.

Remove any obstacles

  • In this step, any obstructions in the toilet should be removed.
  • Any cause of obstruction in the channel should be investigated.
  • If there is an obstruction, it should be removed by removing it from the toilet.
  • If it is difficult to remove the obstacle by hand, it is recommended to use other methods
  • So that the toilet stuck by the object can be blocked and the problem solved

Use a bottle opener

bottle opener
Image source: collinsdictionary .com
  • For this step, you need to use a bottle opener that is a high-quality product
  • It is recommended to use a special bottle opener, which is made of rubber to make it more durable
  • It is also recommended to open a large size bottle
  • It can be any shape, round, or have a rubber edge on the bottom
  • Please note that small bottle openers cannot be used
  • You also can’t use openers that are cheap and have a cup shape
  • A seal-shaped bottle opener should be used
  • The plunger seal should make an airtight seal
  • So the bottle opener should be wrapped in old clothes or old rags.
  • This reduces the chances of leaks.
  • The plunger to be used should be placed in water but must be heated before use.
  • This will make it possible to clean the bottle opener so that the elaboration of the seal can be facilitated

Attach the bottle opener to the cup

The first thing to do in this step is that the plunger to be used should cover the toilet hole completely.

Then the bottle opener should be dipped in water, in this way the effectiveness can be achieved with greater efficiency.

It should be noted that in this step the plunger should be pushed and then it should be pulled with water.

  • It doesn’t have to be done with air
  • You may need to add more water to the bowl to make it easier to clean.
  • Then proceed to push the plunger into the hole as well as simultaneously pull the plunger
  • It is important when doing this part that you should start slowly
  • With the first movement with the bottle opener, the air is put into the cup
  • Then the pressure should be applied with a bottle opener
  • Then proceed to pull fast
  • In this way, the obstructions in the toilet can be moved and thus can be loosened
  • Then you have to continue to do this movement pushing and pulling with force
  • It should be done until the water starts to drain

It is possible that the toilet is very jammed, so the movement should be done with the plunger up to 20 times if necessary to unclog the toilet.

If you are convinced that the toilet is not an object causing obstruction, you can continue to do it this way but it will take time.

Because of this, it is recommended to be patient and use this method several times until the desired results are achieved.

Check the toilet drain

Image Source: home.howstuffworks .com

In this step, you need to pull the toilet chain to handle the operation of the toilet drain

The toilet plunger should be used first.

So that water can be made to drain into the bowl when using the plunger

However, there may be an obstruction in the toilet still blocking the flow of water into the drain, the plunger should be placed in a bowl.

  • Then the cup of water should be refilled
  • Then it should be filled to the level that a toilet normally fills.
  • The plunger must then be used again until draining can be done properly.

If any obstruction in the toilet still remains, these steps should be performed several times until the toilet drain is running properly.

Application of products with enzymes


The method of unclogging the bathroom can be solved by using a variety of special products consisting of enzymes, so as not to damage the ducts and pipes can unclog by eliminating the existing obstructions.

With these products, you can clean your toilet properly without damaging the drainage while using these products. Because of this, the steps to be followed in this method are shown below:

Buy products with enzymes

  • The first thing to do is buy a product with the ability to remove waste
  • This product must have a combination of enzymes in order to have the ability to convert wastes found in waterways into liquids.
  • It is known that when applying these enzymes, a septic system is used that can carry out the decomposition of each waste.
  • To get this product with enzymes, it can be purchased in specialty stores for pipe cleaning and household cleaning materials.
  • Preference is given to applying these products because they do not damage the pipes or bathroom drains, unlike chemical products that can damage the pipes and also damage the environment.
  • However, it is recommended that the use of this method be more effective on organic waste.
  • The product cannot be used if the obstruction is caused by a solid material such as an object or toy.

Follow the steps on the packaging

The amount of product should be added according to the instructions due to the amount recommended by the manufacturer.

Also added to the toilet bowl

The product should be left in the cup overnight.

In this way, the enzymes that form can have an effect on the waste that is clogged in the toilet

The toilet should then be flushed after the clog can be removed.

Apply homemade cleanser

Another known way how to unclog a bathroom is by using special and homemade cleaners to clean the drains. In this way, obstacles found in the toilet drain can be eliminated, making it an easy way to apply to anyone.

Hence the steps that need to be taken to apply this method properly by using homemade cleaners are shown below, and cleaning can be done in an easy and uncomplicated way:

Heat two liters of water

In this way, a homemade drain cleaner is applied

The first thing to do in this step is to heat two liters of water, which is equivalent to half a gallon of water.

This applies if the toilet is easily clogged

This is because there is a lot of waste in the drains that causes clogged toilets

To do this, you need to mix hot water with baking soda

Vinegar is also added to the mixture to make cleaning easier and get rid of the problem.

In addition, clean commercial channels should be used

Two liters of boiled water.

Then you need to drain the cold water

You can add other ingredients to the toilet bowl

If less than two liters of water is applied, this method cannot be used.

Therefore, it is obligatory to use the amount of water described as this will generate the necessary power to overcome the obstruction in the toilet.

Please note that the water must have a certain temperature, which must be equal to the temperature of hot tea.

Because of this, water does not have to boil when used for cleaning, as it can cause damage to the porcelain.

Add baking soda and vinegar

GettyImages 1152788687 edit 3
Image Source: rd. com

In this step, a certain amount of baking soda should be added and a certain amount of vinegar

In the case of baking soda, a cup should be added to the toilet

In the case of vinegar, two cups should be added to the toilet bowl

By spraying the material into the toilet, a chemical process is produced that allows the removal of existing obstructions.

Vinegar used to clean toilets is allowed to be distilled white

However, all types of vinegar can be used in this method because they perform the same function.

It is important to note that making a mixture of vinegar with this baking soda will result in a bubbly mixture.

If you have baking soda and vinegar, it can be replaced with a special liquid soap for dishes in a toilet bowl.

Through the soap, the obstruction in the toilet has thickened

However, this method cannot be used if an obstruction is found in the toilet due to solid or toy.

Add hot water

In this step on how to unclog the bathroom, you need to add water that was previously heated and allowed to cool in the toilet bowl.

But you can’t increase it, you have to have a certain height, more than your waist

It cannot be added from the side of the toilet

In this way, the water fall in a certain style into the toilet bowl

With this power, obstacles can be removed

Let the mixture in the toilet

FH13JUN 539 51 011
Image Source: familyhandyman .com

In this step on how to unclog the bathroom, you need to leave the prepared mixture with water, baking soda, and vinegar in the toilet overnight.

Once the night has passed with the mixture, it should be checked in the morning.

It should be noted that the added water has run out, as the obstruction has been removed efficiently.

If the water does not irrigate, it is recommended to repeat the step to try a second time.

If the water still does not irrigate, it is concluded that the obstruction is caused by solid material, then this mixture can not be used.

Cable hooks can be used to remove solid blockages.

You can also use a bottle opener because it performs the same function as removing obstructions.

Applying for a drink

One of the possible ways is to use soft drinks, so at this time it will be explained how to unclog the bathroom with coke. Due to the characteristics of this drink, it can solve any problems in the bathroom.

However, this requires special steps to unclog the bathroom, so the steps that must be taken to achieve the desired result are shown below, as well as the main characteristics of each step:

v4 460px Unclog a Toilet %28test%29 Step 2.jpg

The first step

The first thing to know how to unclog a bathroom is to prepare a variety of materials to do the cleaning.

Due to the fact that potentially hazardous materials will be used, it is better to handle them with care.

Rubber gloves should also be provided.

You should use work clothes that are recommended for the elderly so as not to damage clothes that are in good condition.

Likewise, masks and materials responsible for covering the hair should be used, as this is a dirty job to be done.

The second step

After all the bathroom and clothes are ready, proceed to take two soft drinks and each one should have two liters

Examples of such beverages are Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and others.

You can use any drink as long as it is carbonated

Step three

In this step, the stopcock must be closed

Then you have to make sure there is no water in the toilet

Next, the first bottle of coca-cola or soft drink you want to use

Completely empty the toilet

It is recommended that before adding the drink you should cover your eyes and hands with glasses and gloves or with other materials

Masks should also be available, which is recommended by the hospital.

Step four

In this step on how to unclog the bathroom the second bottle of coke is used

¾ from an empty bottle

Then you have to wait 45 minutes

Gas from the drinks is activated in a tidal toilet which removes the waste that causes the toilet to jam

When the allotted time had passed, the toilet was not closed

If this method does not work, a special product should be used to unclog the channel.

The instructions must be followed in writing according to the product you will be using.

To complete, the hot water used must be emptied to remove all residues.

Spiral opener application

Another way to get rid of the toilet in a certain way is to use a spiral plunger, so the steps to be taken in this method are shown below to unclog the toilet in the most efficient and trouble-free way:

Buy a spiral bottle opener

In this way how to unclog the bathroom, a plunger that has a special shape must be applied

This spiral-shaped bottle opener can be found in stores called flexible cleaning tools.

This is a coil that has the flexibility to be applied in the curves provided by the channel and at the same time deeper than other materials.

It is recommended to use an auger opener because it has a special design to eliminate any obstructions that may occur in the toilet.

One of the notable features is that it does not damage the cups and does not give marks.

Install the spiral plunger in the toilet

toilet plunger best plumbing seattle
Image Source: bestplumbing .com

In this section, a spiral opening should be inserted into the channel

The spiral plunger must then be pushed into the toilet so that it can be pushed down the drain as far as possible.

This should be done until the obstruction in the toilet is complete

Rotate the bottle opener

In part of this method, the plunger must be continuously pushed in a spiral but must also be rotated over obstacles.

This is done with the aim of breaking or breaking the barrier into small pieces so that they can be moved through the pipe.

Generally, this step should be done over a period of time, i.e. a few minutes to ensure the removal of the obstruction.

Then water should be poured

Next, you need to wash the toilet

It should be noted that drainage occurs as rapidly as usual.

Apply the bottle opener by reversing

In this step, obstacles must be encountered using the opener in the reverse direction.

The case may be presented if it is necessary to remove the toilet to give permission in the opposite direction

In that way, the obstructions generated by the solid can be eliminated

This bathroom unclog method is applied when it is known that the obstruction is caused by solids but the way to remove it is unknown.

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