How To Unclog A Clogged Toilet
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How To Unclog A Clogged Toilet?

In this guide, we’ll show you how to unclog a clogged toilet. For example, you can use simple home remedies or special aids for a clogged toilet.

Read the guide to find out the advantages and disadvantages of each and get further information and helpful tips.

What to do if the toilet is clogged?

A common cause of clogged toilets is the use of too much or unsuitable toilet paper such as wet wipes. Excessive or improper use can block the drain or contribute to a clogged toilet. But other things often lead to a clog in the toilet. This includes food leftovers and hair and hygiene items such as tampons or pads. Toilet block holders that have fallen into the toilet are also the cause of a clogged toilet.

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To get the toilet free again, you can use a plunger, which is also known as a plunger or suction cup. A pipe cleaning spiral is also helpful.

If you want to use home remedies first, baking soda, vinegar, cola, or just hot water should help. The advantage of these funds is that they are inexpensive and directly available in many households. In the following, we will show you whether the home remedies also help, how you use plungers, suction cups, and spirals and what other options are available to you to unclog your clogged toilet.

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Note:Whichever variant you choose to free the toilet again, always check beforehand whether you can get rid of gross dirt in the same way. Otherwise, they may become lodged deeper in the drain or sewer and cause more serious problems there.

Clear the blockage with the plunger

Depending on the region, the plunger can have many names such as plunger, suction bell, cloister tamper, or drain tamper. The rubber suction bell is now known almost everywhere as a plunger. The practical tool not only helps you to unclog your toilet but can also help with other blockages in the sink or in the bathtub. Therefore, a plunger should not be missing in any household.

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In the first step, you remove all visible blockages such as accumulations of toilet paper or other obstacles. Use the most suitable household gloves for this. Next, press the plunger onto the drain as extensively as possible and start an even pumping motion. If necessary, increase the pressure and intensity. In this way, you create an intensive pumping and suction effect that removes dirt and blockages in the drain.

Depending on the degree of the toilet blockage, you may need to repeat this process several times until the drain is completely clear again and all debris in the drainpipe has been removed. If the pipe is free enough, activate the flush. This can also be necessary several times if necessary in order to flush away all residues in the drain line.

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In many cases, a plunger or plunger will help you with a clogged toilet and you don’t need any other tools. However, if the blockage is not cleared with the plunger, this may be because the blockage is much deeper in the pipe. In this case, a drain cleaning spiral can help you.

Tip: If you have problems with unpleasant odors while cleaning the drain, make sure there is a good draft in the bathroom and use fragrant toilet cleaners or scented candles to make your work more pleasant.

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Tip: use a plastic bottle as a plunger

If you don’t have a plunger handy, you can make an alternative out of a plastic bottle. A bottle made of soft plastic with a capacity of around 1.5 l to 2.0 l is required for this.

Screw the bottle cap tight and carefully cut off the bottom of the plastic bottle with a cutter. Then you put the bottle in the clogged toilet and pump vigorously. In order to create the necessary vacuum, the diameter of the bottle should be at least as large as the drain of the clogged toilet.

Clear the clog with the toilet brush

If the toilet is slightly clogged, the toilet brush can also help you to eliminate the problem. To do this, push the brush as far down the pipe as possible and apply pressure to the clog. If that doesn’t help, swing the handle back and forth vigorously or quickly move the toilet brush up and down. Then rinse well several times.

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Pipe cleaning spiral for deep-seated blockages

If the blockage is deeper in the drainpipe or in the sewer itself, a drain cleaning spiral can help you to clean the toilet. You can also use the spiral-like plunger for blockages in other drain lines such as the sink, shower, or bathtub. Drain cleaning spirals are available in different versions, which differ mainly in length and slightly in structure. As a rule, however, the application always works according to the same scheme:

Slowly insert the front end of the coil into the toilet drain until you feel resistance. This resistance should be constipation. Then continue to turn the spiral in a circular motion and try to loosen the dirt with light pressure and pulling. This may take a while with you repeating the process multiple times. If the drain is free, rinse thoroughly several times to loosen any remaining dirt.

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Tip: If the spiral gets stuck in the drain, turn it in the opposite direction to get it free again.

Note: To avoid damage to the toilet and drain pipe, insert and remove the cleaning spiral carefully. Incidentally, there are also electrically operated drain cleaning spirals. Read the instructions for use for these devices carefully and follow the manufacturer’s safety instructions.

Use clothes hangers to clean the toilet

If the blockage is not too deep in the drain pipe, a coat hanger or wire hanger may help. To do this, first bend the hanger apart and form a loop at the end. Alternatively, you can use the hook to get dirt out of the toilet. Similar to the drain cleaning spiral, you carefully insert the clothes hanger into the drain pipe of the toilet and try to get the dirt out of it. Also, wear suitable gloves.

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Tip: To avoid damaging the ceramic and drain, wrap some cloth, an old glove, or rag around the end of the hanger. Proceed carefully so that this protection does not get stuck in the toilet afterward.

Hot water against a clogged drain

You can also use hot water to clear a minor clog in a toilet. However, do not use boiling hot water for this, as this can damage the toilet and the drains. Pour the water from a bucket into the clogged toilet from a height of about 1 meter . The drop height alone creates pressure and helps to clear the blockage. Wait a few minutes and flush.

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Tip: A little washing-up liquid , soap or shower gel can improve the cleaning effect of the hot water.

Clean the drain with household products

Various home remedies can also help you with a clogged toilet.

For example, put a packet or two of baking soda or baking soda in the toilet and pour half a bottle of vinegar over it. Leave this mixture on for about ten minutes. There should be a chemical reaction as the baking soda, vinegar and water form a potent compound that releases a lot of carbonic acid. So it’s probably starting to foam and bubbling in the toilet.

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Ideally, leave the mixture on overnight. Thanks to the reaction, dirt and blockages are dissolved. Hot water increases the effect. Use this to rinse 2-3 times.

Tip: The combination of home remedies is also suitable for removing the urine scale.

Alternatively, you can use commercial cola to unclog drains. Here, too, the carbonic acid may dissolve the blockage. Also, let cola sit for longer before rinsing thoroughly.

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