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The Toilet Siphon is the name given to a plumbing fixture that collects wastewater and pumps it directly into a drain. While the practice of siphoning wastewater out of homes and businesses is not new, the advanced plumbing fixtures that mimic the action of a toilet have made it much easier to do. Every home has a Toilet Siphon, but few people know what it is or how to set one up in their own home. The best place to learn all about Toilet Siphons is from an experienced plumber. Let’s take a look at what a Toilet Siphon is and how to set one up in your own home.

What is a Toilet Siphon?

A Toilet Siphon is a special type of toilet that is designed to collect wastewater and then pump it out via a special pipe without flushing the toilet. The water is kept in a tank and then flushed out when it is needed. The Toilet Siphon was developed to increase the efficiency of a home’s plumbing system by eliminating the need for frequent flushing. A Toilet Siphon uses a siphon to pull water from the tank and into an attached siphon bowl. The siphon then pushes the water through an intake valve and into a drain that leads to the sewer system. As opposed to a toilet, the flushing action of a Toilet Siphon does not empty the tank but simply transfers the wastewater to the pipe without flushing.

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